Modo vs Hudson – Which Babyletto Crib Is Best for Your Baby?


If you’re looking for a convertible crib that will grow with your child, the Babyletto Modo and the Babyletto Hudson are two of the best options available!

What a great set! Both cribs transition into a toddler bed and daybed! So versatile, perfect for growing families. It’s amazing how much value is packed into this furniture set.

The Hudson is a sleeker, more modern crib. It has a sleeker design and it is made of sustainable materials. The Hudson also has a slightly higher weight limit than the Modo.

The Modo is more traditional in style and design. It has a lower weight limit than the Hudson, but it can be converted into a toddler bed or daybed as your child grows up.

We will compare your options both Babyletto Modo vs. Hudson crib. Options such as its color and the style of the wood or fabric, and the amount of space it will cover in your bedroom. So, to decide which crib gives your infant the maximum qualities.

Differences between Babyletto Hudson & Modo Crib

Heck, you can buy either one!

  •  Hudson crib features a wider door and higher center rail.
  • While Modo crib features a narrower door and lower center rail.
  • The Hudson crib is made of wood and has a sleeker design. It also costs more than the Modo crib.
  • The Modo crib is cheaper and has a more traditional design. It is not compatible with Babyletto Junior conversion kits.

Babyletto Crib Comparison with Modo vs Hudson

135 lbs
135 lbs
modern retro-looking
modern European style
54×30×34.5 inches
54×30×35 inches
open, slats
open, spindles
greater than 35 inches
< 35 inches

Expert Reviews on Baby Trend Modo vs. Hudson Crib (in 2022)

  • The Babyletto Modo is a crib that is designed with modern parents in mind. The Hudson Crib is a more traditional crib that has been around for decades.
  • The Babyletto Modo has some great features that make it stand out from the Hudson Crib.
  • One of the major differences between these two cribs is the slanted design of the Babyletto Modo. That will provide you a safe and comfortable environment for your baby to sleep in. The Hudson Crib does not have this feature. Plus it can be difficult to tell if your baby is sleeping on his or her back or on their stomach. Because in it there is no slope.
  • Another difference between these two cribs are the mattress heights. The Hudson is a sleeker, more modern crib. The Hudson Crib has a height of 14 inches while the Baby has a sleeker design. And it is made of sustainable materials. The Hudson also has a slightly higher weight limit than the Modo.
  •  The Modo is more traditional in style and design. It has a lower weight limit than the Hudson, but it can be converted into a toddler bed or daybed as your child grows up.
  • The Babyletto Hudson also has a slatted wood crib mattress. This is made with sustainable materials and is ultra-soft and breathable.
  • The Modo crib has an eco-friendly mattress with no added flame retardants. That makes it more durable than most other mattresses on the market.
  • Both the Hudson and the Modo are great pieces of baby furniture. But there are some differences between them such as price, size, safety features and durability. That may lead you to prefer one over the other depending on your needs. 

Babyletto Modo Convertible Toddler Conversion Espresso Crib Review

Babyletto Modo Convertible Toddler Conversion Espresso Crib

Babyletto Modo Crib is a 3-1 convertible, so you can use it as a crib, a toddler bed, and a daybed. Made of New-Zealand pine wood, it can handle a child weighing up to 50 pounds.

Convertible cribs allow your baby to grow up with a bed that converts from a crib to a toddler bed and finally to a full size bed. This crib has all the features that you need for your baby and it is also very stylish.

This crib meets and exceeds government safety guidelines, such as those defined by ASTM International and CPSC.

It’s a relatively straightforward task to convert it to a kids’ bed if you possess a convertible kit. Now available in Espresso! Get the Babyletto Modo convertible crib now!


  • A Greenguard gold-certified crib means it is free of any harmful chemicals or materials.
  • In a Various shades.
  • A solid New Zealand pine crib, toddler bed, and daybed.
  • It’s worth the money because it’s long-lasting. 
  • The Modo crib from Babyletto is sturdy.
  • You can place your mattress in various positions.
  • It’s a convertible crib/changing table.


  • Some customers find it difficult to attach with toddler rails.
  • No baby sensitive teeth safeguard
  • prior issue was the crib mattress size.


Babyletto Hudson Convertible Toddler Conversion Kit 3-in-1 Baby Crib Review

Grey Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 convertible crib with toddler bed conversion kit. Any nursery needs this piece of furniture to stand out; it’s a fixture that will continue delighting you and your child.

Hudson baby crib from Babyletto features an attractive and stylish design. And it is made of non-toxic materials, is easy to assemble, and adjustable level heights. The crib can easily be turned into a crib, daybed, and toddler bed. It is used to shorten parenting time because it has 3 functions in 1 function.

Babyletto Hudson Convertible Toddler Conversion Kit 3-in-1 Baby Crib

Designed to make modern bedrooms as attractive as possible. Hudson is a lovely and stylish crib with a classic design. With so much to offer, this soothing crib is both beautiful and safe, easy to move into place and sturdy.

So, this crib is not only good-looking but is also secure, sturdy, and resilient. You won’t regret selecting it!


  •  Use the highest dust ruffle. Using the space underneath will allow you to store plenty of pampering supplies.
  • Even a child’s nails or teeth won’t harm or damage the crib’s paint.
  • Short moms will enjoy it.
  • Great for both babies and toddlers, this co-sleeping pillow is easily adjustable.
  • Excellent stability
  • A manual is included with clear instructions.


  • It’s not heavy, but it can’t be removed from a standard door.

Who is the winner?

  • There is no winner here. Both cribs meet all safety standards, and both convert to toddler bed and daybed. A full-size crib mattress fits into both of them.
  • Alongside Both cribs have the same design, features, and prices. You can select between them without difficulty, as both are safe and good from birth.
  • Currently, Babyletto Hudson has high searches and popularity, but it does not have a high ticket price as Modo. Babyletto Hudson is also known for it’s innovative modern design.
  • So, If you do not have any funding limitations, then you must go and buy Babyletto Hudson baby crib rather than Babylettos Modo.

Final Verdict

The Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 convertible crib and the Modo are both wonderful cribs.

But which is the perfect one for your baby?

The Hudson is more expensive, but I think that it’s definitely worth the cost.

The Modo is $100 cheaper than the Hudson, but that’s not much of a difference!

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