A Quick Review of the Fisher-Price Astro Kitty Space Saver Jumperoo

Parenting is one of the most rewarding and challenging professions in the world. It is a time when you have to be your child’s coach, teacher, playmate, and protector, all at the same time. Right baby products can help you with this.

Children always love to have their own toys to play with and Fisher-Price is one brand that makes it possible for parents to indulge these wishes.

Fisher-Price is known for creating innovative toys and is the leading brand for children. The safety of the children is always a primary concern for Fisher-Price, and the Astro Kitty Space Saver Jumperoo is no different.

Astro Kitty is a jumperoo that is themed after space and is a great way to entertain your child.

In this blog, I’ll review the features of the Space Saver Jumperoo in-depth and looks at some of the features and benefits of this product.

Product Overview


Style: ‎Astro Kitty
Item Dimensions: 28.35 x 31.1 x 31.5 inches
Item Weight: ‎1.93 pounds
Material_composition: ‎Cotton
Material Type: ‎Plastic
Batteries: ‎3 AA batteries required
Weight range: ‎25 Pounds max.
Seat pad: Removable and machine washable

The Fisher-Price Astro Kitty Space saver Jumperoo is a space-themed Jumperoo with a high-quality plastic base that is able to support a maximum weight of 25 pounds or 12 Kilograms.

Its seat pad is made of pure cotton to provide your child with a maximum amount of comfort. The seat cushion is made of soft fabric that is detachable and also machine washable.

In the feature, you can notice that the whole item weighs a weight of 1.93 pounds or less than 1KG. It’s kinda lightweight than many other Jumpers. This means you can easily move the jumperoo here and there.

3AA batteries are required to play kinds of music and sounds that keep your baby entertained.

What Makes the Astro Kitty Space Saver Jumperoo Stand Out?


Toys: teether, clicker, and light-up “command center”
Base Frame: Wider
Height: Adjustable four levels
Space-saver: Frame folds

The Fisher-Price Astro kitty space jumperoo Comes with amazing Music Sounds and lights to keep your baby entertained. it comes with toys including teether, clicker, and a light-up command center.

This jumper has got a frame that is made of high-quality plastics. It is a very sturdy, wider in shape, and free-standing frame that lets your baby jump safely in it. It doesn’t need any door frame to hang. The wider base frame supports the baby as well as reduces the chances of accidents like falling forward with the jumper.

A 4-levels of height adjustment system is there to grow with your baby.

And the best part is that, the foldable frame. The whole frame collapse whenever you want to store it or transport from here to there.

The interactive control panel flashes and starts to play interesting music. Intergalactic activity toys aid in the development of a baby’s gross motor abilities as they reach and hold.

My thoughts on the Astro kitty jumper

Whenever I try a new baby product for my baby the primary concern that comes in my mind is his safety. The Astro kitty Jumper caught my attention at a first impression.

The impressive design of the frame is so cool! I just can’t help buying it.

When I put my baby in it for the first time, I was just WOW! It is really as sturdy as I expected.
It is ideal for a small area.

And the idea of folding the frame is a blast to me. I can store it under my bed though there is not much room for storing something.

Several customers’ opinions on the Astro kitty jumper

If you visit amazon customer reviews, you can see that most of them are loving the small and foldable feature. It is also rectangular in shape, making it easier to place in a corner or against a wall, whereas others are typically round.

The Astro theme is also a reason why parents are loving it. According to a buyer, It’s great that this one doesn’t have those typical jungle-theme toys like many other bouncers.

Not all customers have a good experience with it. Some have had bad experiences too.
Someone discovered that the plastic clips on the bottom do not keep the toy in place and it falls out all the time. It’s kinda frustrating.

Things why you’ll love it

The assembly of this jumper is very easy. You may not even need to read the manual for this. And also it folds flat for easy storage and transport if you are traveling anywhere.

Four levels of height adjustment and a machine washable seat pad are present in it. The toy bar can be detached and you can hook up some other toys too.

It can prevent your baby from falling forward as its base is a bit wider.

Things that you won’t like

The seat of this jumper doesn’t rotate at all. It’s a bit annoying. It is not also as bouncy as many other jumpers.

As the toy bar is detachable and you must need to detach it if you want to fold the jumper, it can become loose after some days.

Final verdict

The Fisher-Price Astro kitty Jumperoo is overall a good product. Its price is also reasonable.

Your baby will love the command center that is filled with lights and sounds.

Though the toys are in a limited amount, you can hang some of your baby’s favorite toys on it.

So, If you are looking for a space saver jumper at a reasonable price, I would highly recommend you to buy this one.

Thanks for reading.

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