Comparison of Fisher Price and Baby Einstein Jumper – Which is the Best?

Comparing the two Fisher Price vs Baby Einstein Jumper is a little bit difficult as both are renowned manufacturing companies.

When it’s time to choose one, you need to compare the A to Z of both of them.

In this article, I’m gonna do the task for you to help you make a decision on which one you should choose between Fisher Price and Baby Einstein Jumper.

Fisher-Price Animal Activity Jumperoo

Fisher Price


Baby Einstein

As a mom, I know, what a great asset a jumperoo can be!

Choosing the right jumperoo is an important challenge in this matter.

So, let’s compare the two top-rated Fisher-Price Animal Activity Jumperoo vs Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Activity Jumper and make a final decision.

Comparison of Fisher Price and Baby Einstein Jumper


Features Fisher-Price (Animal Activity Jumperoo) Baby Einstein (Neighborhood Symphony Activity Jumper)
Product Dimensions
7.5 x 26.38 x 26.75 inches
32 x 32 x 33.13 inches
Item Weight
7.94 pounds
7.02 pounds
Material Type
Polyester, Plastic
‎3 AA batteries required.
3 AA batteries required.
Battery life
20 Hours
144 Hours
Care instructions
Machine washable
‎Seat pad is machine-washable, Toys/Frame- wipe clean
Seat type
360 degrees rotating
360 degrees rotating
Height settings
3 different height adjustments
4 different height adjustments
colorful selection of toys includes a giraffe with a spinner-bead neck, a froggy teether, a lion slider, light-up chameleon, and more.
Music-themed removable toys including guitar, musical drums, mirror drums, piano spinner, smiley face, hanging music tools, etc.
Pricy than fisher-price


In terms of similarities, these two jumperoo have some features in common. Such as__

  • Materials: Both jumperoos frames are made of plastic. The frames are wipe-cleanable.
  • Shape: The two jumperoos are quite similar in shape. Both have a play center that is hung with three poles by three elastic straps. These straps are adjustable to different heights.
  • Seat: Both the two jumperoos have 360-degree rotating seats and it is machine washable.
  • Power: Both jumperoos require 3AA batteries to play music and songs.


Though these jumperoos are quite similar but there are some significant differences that can’t be ignored.

Product size: Product size is an important thing to compare. The fisher price jumperoo is smaller in size than the Baby Einstein jumperoo. But in terms of weight, the Baby Einstein Jumperoo is lightweight than Fisher Price.

Height adjustment: Not all babies are the same in height. And also their height changes with their age. So height adjustment is an important feature. If we look at the two we can see that the Fisher Price jumperoo has three levels and the Baby Einstein has four levels of adjustment!

Entertainment: Jumperoos are a great source of entertainment. The more toys on the jumperoo the more your baby will be entertained. Though the Fisher Price jumperoo has more toys than the Baby Einstein but the Baby Einstein jumperoo’s toys are detachable and your baby can play with them anywhere they want.

And the Baby Einstein jumperoo has seven times more battery life than Fisher Price.

Price: When it comes to price the Baby Einstein Jumperoo comes with a 125 USD regular price and a 110 USD offer price. On the other hand, The Fisher price jumperoo comes with a 100 USD regular price and a 90 USD offer price.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Fisher-Price Animal Activity Jumperoo

What I like

It snaps together and separates with no effort. It’s a breeze to clean and kids love playing with it. The music is soft and won’t keep drained parents awake. It’s a very solid item indeed.

Cleaning the seat cover is simple; just wipe it down with a soapy damp cloth and let it air dry.

What I dislike

Overhead playthings provide no purpose. It looks like a device designed specifically to make left-handed offspring. In two out of three stations, the more complicated pieces that call for delicate fingerwork are located on the left.

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Activity Jumper

What I like

The instructions are clear and the assembly of it is a breeze. It’s adorable, light, and simple to move from room to room; you also won’t have to squeeze it through narrow doorways. It is simple to change the height between four different positions.

What I dislike

It’s not a stable structure. Every time the baby bounces the unit, the whole thing makes a horrible clunk and rattle. It’s very Lightweight comparing the dimension that causes the jumperoo to break down. It’s also very pricy.

Fisher Price vs Baby Einstein jumperoo- The ultimate winner

Which one is the winner depends on personal preferences. But in my opinion, the Fisher Price jumperoo wins over the Baby Einstein Jumperoo.


The Einstein Jumperoo is lightweight compared to its size, which means it has a hollow frame rather than a solid one or the frame is thin. If not, then the jumperoo components are standard. No of the cause, a baby might easily lose his balance and fall out of the jumperoo. Or, the jumperoo can break down easily.

Which means it’s not much safe. And also it will take up a lot of space than the Fisher Price.

The price of the Baby Einstein Jumperoo is also very high.

Considering those drawbacks, I’ll definitely recommend you to get the Fisher Price jumperoo.

Final Verdict

No matter what brand of jumper you choose, it is important to have adult supervision when your baby is using it.
You can also choose the Baby Einstein jumperoo if you consider the detachable toys, the four levels of height adjustment, and the extreme battery life.

In this case, the base frame should be pressed down with something heavy. It will prevent your baby to fall forward.

Hope this article will help you to find the right jumperoo for your baby.

Thanks for reading.

Happy Parenting.

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