How to Change Batteries in Baby Einstein Jumper – DIY Tips to Do it At Home

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How to Replace Batteries in Baby Einstein’s Hop?

Easy-pegy… turn off the jumper. Find the battery section, open the cover. Remove your old batteries, put new ones instead. Put back the cover on. Turn on the baby jumper, to see it’s working or not. You will discover it in great detail below.

There are numerous methods to change a battery if you have done DIY projects previously. Also, here are some suggestions for doing it at home.

How to change batteries in baby Einstein Jumper -DIY Tips


The Piano Module requires:

1. Three pcs of AA/LR6 size (1.5V) batteries.

Note: That will not come with this. You need to buy them. Or if you have extra then it is OK. For better performance, you can use alkaline batteries.

2. Phillips screwdriver.
3. Need to follow the instructions.

how to change batteries in baby einstein jumper


Changing the batteries of the Baby Einstein jumper is a daunting and daunting task. The first thing you need to do is to unplug the jumper from the mains. It will ensure you don’t get electrocuted while changing the batteries.

Take off the front of the jumper with screws or a screwdriver. That comes with it (make sure you mark which screws you remove so that they go back in correctly).

You can feed your fingers behind the fabric and pull it forward to reveal a metal compartment. Where you can locate the button cell battery pack. There will be a small circular access panel on top of this compartment. So, remove this by removing two small screws with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Use your fingers or an object such as a pen or pencil to unscrew/unclip what is holding down the metal.

So, follow the Four steps-DIY tips at home:

1. Open the battery cover

Unscrew the screws from the bottom of the jumper and remove the jumper’s battery cover.

2. Remove batteries

Remove the 3 batteries from their slots and replace them with new ones. Put each battery in its slot, as shown in the diagram above. Then screw back onto the bottom of the jumper cover to seal it up again.

3. Close battery cover

Ensure that you placed the batteries in right position (+/-) correctly. Please don’t forget to replace the compartment cover. Place cover back into charging base and wait for a full charge cycle before using again.

4. Test the jumper again

After full charging, now you can test run the Einstein Baby Jumper once again.

Special safety precautions/Tips:

Read and follow the battery instructions included in this section, and be cautious about the followings:

  • Prolonged exposure to this chemical may have an adverse effect on the life of your battery. And even it will lead to its leaking or exploding.
  • Do not allow children and adolescents to get or use batteries in any way.
  • Using new and old batteries in the same device is not recommended.
  • You should not use conventional and rechargeable the whole kit and caboodle along with alkaline the whole kit and caboodle.
  • This means that you should use only the whole kit and caboodle of the same or similar type.
  • As stated on the battery compartment’s instruction sheet, align the the whole kit and caboodle. Such that the polarity matches that shown on the battery compartment.
  • To ensure that the the whole kit and caboodle aren’t short-circuited, it is crucial. Because of that, they may be well insulated.
  • Keep the whole kit and caboodle away from excessive temperatures (eg attics, garages, or cars).
  • If the the whole kit and caboodle are no longer in use, it is a good idea to remove them from the battery compartment.
  • Attempting to recharge a battery that is not labeled as “rechargeable” is a bad idea.
  • Need to first remove the the whole kit and caboodle from the toy. And then securely and properly dispose of them.
  • Only responsible adults should be in charge of recharging rechargeable the whole kit and caboodle.
  • You should not use rechargeable alkaline the whole kit and caboodle in nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride chargers. Since doing so may result in a short circuit and damage the charger.
  • Please dispose of the the whole kit and caboodle carefully.
  • Before placing the jumper for a long period of time, be sure to remove the the whole kit and caboodle from the device.

Final Verdict

While you’re entertaining your kid, you are also helping her with exercise. To change the batteries in the jumper, follow our above DIY instructions, and it won’t be difficult at all. Even we have a DIY assembly instructions for you. You can check that too, if you like.

If you think we miss out something important, please mention on the comment section below. And, press the share button below to share this information with new parents!

Happy parenting. 

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