How to Fold Evenflo Exersaucer – To Make it Portable in Less than 2 Minutes

The Evenflo Exersaucer was created in cooperation with pediatricians to assist your baby developing their full potential. It has been included in one of the baby-related registries recommended by the American Academy of Pediatricians. The Saucer is a safe place for your baby to explore and play with toys and all the while have fun.
The infant will be safely placed in the room’s center on a non-slip foundation. The toy bar may be folded and stored at the press of a button.

How to Fold Evenflo Exersaucer – Getting Started

how to fold evenflo exersaucer
  1. Lay out the Exersaucer flat with all 4 legs on the ground.
  2. Locate the slot in between two of its legs and pull up one end of it.
  3. Place one end onto the other (opposite side), so that they are now aligned like book pages in a book spine.
  4. Slowly “flip” one side’s edge over onto its opposite side’s edge, using your fingers to guide it through this process; make sure to keep an eye on each side so it is properly aligned with each other as you flip them over!

Procedures to Fold Evenflo Exersaucer:

  • You may save time and effort by moving your Evenflo Exersaucer from Stage 2 to Stage 3.
  • Remove each stage one by one.
  • If you progress Exersaucer from stage 1 to stage 2, which is suggested, you will get familiar with the removal and replacement of various games.
  • Keep the word “pinch” in mind as a backup strategy if you’re not sure how to remove toys.
  • To accomplish the job with the Evenflo Exersaucer, you must find two levers in each game and squeeze the handles together.
  • Exersaucer has offered a free swipe and drag game.
  • The big toys are attached to the wall using Velcro.
  • Look under the game table and undo the Velcro straps that are holding the large battery toys to the table.
  • Invert the Exersaucer by turning it over on its side.
  • I lay a blanket on the floor before turning the Exersaucer on its side for the sake of hygiene.
  • Now that you’ve flipped the plate upside down, you may start working on removing the plate’s bottom.
  • Align the foot guide on the machine’s bottom with the groove on the machine’s bottom.
  • When you flip it upside down, you’ll see that each of the four feet has three edges underneath it.
  • One of the legs has a vertical plastic guide connected to it.
  • Make sure the plastic rail is precisely aligned with the notch under the plate and that the foot is completely out of the way before removing the foot from the plate.
  • There are three options: Guide, NotchPinch, and Tug.
  • It is possible to learn and develop the skill of pinching your nose.
  • As indicated in the image, pinch all three screws together and gently remove them from the bottom of the board.
  • I was able to show that it was functioning by pressing two tabs.
  • They are easy to squeeze and squeeze into the third rod, which is at the bottom of the hole, after they have dropped to the bottom of the hole.
  • Rinse
  • Rep the procedure with the other four legs until they are all firmly attached to the board’s bottom.
  • Look for two points of separation once you’ve removed the saucer.
  • The two curves that link a circular gaming table to a rectangular gaming table are these two curves.
  • You must press and drag it once you’ve found it.
  • I was on the brink of completing the task.
  • Place the two hand components that came with the device on your hands.
  • Place them towards the circle’s center to make it easier to see where they should go in the circle.


The Evenflo Exersaucer has been recalled, so keep that in mind.

  • According to the Evenflo website, many reports of limb mismatches resulting in minor injuries have been received.
  • Visit the Evenflo website to learn more about the recall and how to get a replacement.
  • Your Evenflo Exersaucer should not be upgraded to level 3 until your child is ready to walk independently.
  • The Stage 3 Exersaucer is still not sturdy enough to be used with walking children.
  • Despite the rounded edges on the sides of the play table, it may be dangerous for young toddlers who have not yet learnt to stand on their own two feet.
  • The angles, in my opinion, should be rounded more.
  • To straighten the legs, they are pulled out from the bottom of the playing area.
  • It’s conceivable that the hands doing the inspection will pull the arm and open the legs by accident.
  • Make sure you check your feet on a frequent basis to make sure they’re still in place.

Final Verdict:

The Evenflo Exersaucer is a wonderful activity center for newborns through toddlers. The saucer is a game that promotes enjoyment while developing basic motor abilities. Exersaucer helps your kid learn and develop.

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