How to Hang Baby Jumper Without Door Frame – Tips and Steps

New parents, tons of work and no clue how to make it done! You bought a baby jumper for baby. You thought of hanging it on your door frame. But, god has another plan for you. When you reached home, you realize your door is not strong enough to hold your baby!

Or, on another scenario, you don’t have a door frame (perfect door frame)! Or, your jumper doesn’t hang from door. So, you need to know how to hang your baby jumper without door frame. While there are many jumpers that hang from the top of your door frame, not all do.

The best solution for hanging baby jumper without door frame is the original Jolly Jumper. It is portable and strong enough to hold your one year old baby (13 kg)! You will find a black variation of same Stand Jumper here. 

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how to hang baby jumper without door frame

In today’s world, parents have a lot of challenges. A baby jumper that hangs without a door frame can be a wonderful addition to any parent’s life. Because using a jolly jumper with no door trim will help them keep their child occupied. Hence preventing them from getting bored, which could lead them into trouble, eventually.

Children’s mental and physical health is also the responsibility of parents. This is why it is important for parents to make sure that they do their best to keep the kids happy and safe at all times. They need to make sure that they buy everything they need. And provide them with the right environment. As well as ensure that the place they live in is always clean and hygienic.

In this article, we will provide you with some tips and steps to help you hang your baby jumper without a door frame.

How to hang baby jumper without door frame – Procedure And Steps

Our baby jumper is an essential part of any baby’s life. It helps with their motor skills, provides entertainment, and keeps them safe while you do chores around the house. But some parents might not have a door frame to hang their baby jumperoo on. What should they do? 

The best alternative for hanging your jumper without a doorframe is to use some strong hooks on the walls or on the side of your furniture. You can also use a ladder or even an old TV mount.

The following is a step-by-step guide for how to hang a baby jumper without using a door frame that is meant to be humorous.

Step 1: Locate a suitable location to hang the jumperoo.

Step 2: Using a stack of books, construct a support beam for the structure.

Step 3: Take a measurement from the top of the support beam to the location where you want your baby to be placed.

Fourth, measure the distance between two points on your chair with string or ribbon, and use that measurement as a guide when hanging it from the ceiling.


No doorway for a baby jumper?

Using IKEA TROFAST, you can hang your baby jumper without a doorway. A heavy-duty 3-way table top. This can be used as a child’s entertainment unit or a work surface. It also comes in a variety of colors to brighten up your home.

So you’re aware that the IKEA TROFAST table top system is a durable and cost-effective option. You have a jumping toddler and need to provide a safe environment for a fun activity. A doorway jump, on the other hand, can easily damage a door frame. A sloppy jump can also be dangerous. What is the solution? The top of a TROFAST table against a wall. Because the table top serves as a bracket, no expensive brackets or hardware are required. A tabletop attached to a wall provides excellent security for a child’s jump. It’s a great addition to a toddler classroom or a home day care.


  • The first step is to assemble the IKEA TROFAST Table Top, which can be found here. You are allowed to use one table top per day of care.
  • After that, you can hang your child’s jumper on it by placing it against the wall where you want it to hang.
  • With 1 34 inch screws, attach the table top to the wall in the following step, as shown. the table top is spaced at 8″ intervals around the perimeter (or wherever you need support).

Final Verdict

Baby jumpers are a fantastic way to keep your child entertained while also providing them with a small workout. When it comes to setting them up, though, they are time intensive.

Putting together this guide for you on how to set up a jolly jumperoo without using door trim has made my heart sing.

Congratulations on setting up your baby’s new jumper together!

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