How to Install a Baby Einstein Crib Soother: The Complete Guide

Finally, a crib toy that will change the way you parent forever!

The Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother is exactly what you’ve been looking for. It’s time to say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to a more restful parenting experience.

baby einstein crib soother

I remember, once my sister told me that her baby can’t sleep in a crib. She used to hold him and sing lullabies to make him fall asleep.

I decided to gift her a soother crib toy and found the Baby Einstein soother toy.

Installing and operating the toy is an easy peasy task.

In this article, I’m gonna talk about the Baby Einstein Sea Dream Soother and its installation process.

Why and What is an Infant Soothing Device?

The use of an infant soothing device is a proven way to help babies sleep better.

These devices are used to calm down babies who are crying and help them fall asleep. It can be hung with the baby’s crib and its music and sounds help the baby to fall asleep.

They can also be used as a way to soothe the baby during waking hours. The soothing sound and music in these devices can help the baby feel more comfortable, less agitated, and calmer.

Introduction to Baby Einstein Soothing Crib Toy

The Baby Einstein soother is a mini TV for your bub.

It comes with three parts – a monitor, a remote, and a crib attachment.

The main base unit or monitor requires 4C batteries and the remote requires 2AA batteries.

It has two different sound modes- high and low and four different sound types. You can control the toy with the remote or the buttons on the monitor. There’s a star button on the monitor that is for the ON/OFF setting.

The monitor is full of sea animals and it light-ups when switch on it. It has a low battery indicator and when the battery charge is low, the indicator turns red.

It has ten different sea-themed music.

The light of the monitor automatically turns off after 10 minutes but the music continues. The music volume goes lower after 20 minutes and after 25 minutes the music also turns off by itself.

How to install the Baby Einstein Crib Soother on the crib

Before installing the toy, make sure to insert all the batteries into the monitor.

The Soother can be installed in two steps.

Step 1: Install the crib attachment:

Select a side rail for mounting the crib toy so that both you and the baby can see the Baby Einstein soother. Place the attachment in the empty space on the crib railing. Be sure that the attachment hangs on the crib facing inside because the strap is gonna be on the backside. Take the strap’s plastic buckle and lock it in its place. An audible click will be heard. Now just give the strap a quick tug to make it snug.

Step 2: Install the Monitor:

Now it’s time to install the monitor with the crib attachment. There’s a mounting groove on the back of the base monitor. Take the monitor and slide down the groove on the attachment. There will be a click sound when it’s placed perfectly. If you ever want to remove the monitor from the attachment, just press and hold the small button on the attachment and slide up the monitor.

Your Soother toy is now ready to calm down your baby!

Note: Make sure the strap’s buckle is locked well and the strap is tightened enough. Or else, it can hurt your baby.

Final Verdict

Hope this article has given you a complete idea of installing your Baby Einstein Sea Dream Soother Crib toy. Now your baby is going to sleep a sound sleep in the night.

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Happy Parenting!

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