How to Make a Homemade Diaper

You can make your own homemade DIY diapers by using old towels, washcloths, or any other piece of cloth you have at home. Just cut them to the right size and use them as a cover. You can wash them after you’ve used them.

Diaper rash and for many reasons exist for using cloth diapers on infants to teenagers aged 12, 13, 14 or older.

Here you can find out how to choose between cloth and disposable diapers. When you are preparing your homemade newborn to teen diapers. Learn how to make a diaper as you become more familiar with diapers in order to decide which is best for you.

Is it possible to make your own homemade diapers?

how to make a homemade diaper

Yes, it is possible to make your own homemade diapers. There are a few different ways to do this, but the most common way is to use a pattern and sew your own diapers from fabric. You can also buy cloth diaper inserts that can be used in disposable diapers, or make your own from absorbent materials like cotton or hemp. There is a market for cloth diapers, but it is also possible to make them yourself.

Homemade diapers are an eco-friendly and economical alternative to disposable diapers. 

If you want full control over what materials come in contact with your baby’s skin, making your own homemade diapers is a great option.

What fabric to use to make homemade diapers?

In order to make your own cloth diapers, you can choose from a variety of fabrics. Absorbency is the most important quality to look for in any fabric. Cotton, linen, and hemp are the most common absorbent fabrics. You can save money by reusing materials you already have at home.

How to Make a Diaper for babies from Infant to 14 years old : Homemade tutorials


First of all, you have to pick the right materials. You will need the following:

  • Per layer, there is just under one meter (0.91 m) of fabric.
  • Your insert’s material (a kind of absorbent fleece)
  • Each layer which has a little less than one meter (0.91 m) of elastic.
  • Each layer which has 10 inches (25.4 cm) of velcro.
  • Scissors
  • Machine to sew 
  • Chalk or pen (to mark your fabric) 
  • a piece of paper (to create a model of your drawing)
  • Safety Pin

It’s a great time to start making your own cloth diapers if you already have all the necessary supplies and equipment. Make sure you have some extra material on hand because the final product will be worth the effort. To make reusable homemade diapers, follow the steps stated below.

Process to make a non-disposable cloth diaper:

Making a diaper might sound like a simple project, but it is actually more complicated than you may think.

1. Draw your boss

The first step is to draw a pattern for cutting your fabric. Draw a diaper in the shape of a T and round the edges. Because every baby is unique, each diaper will be sized differently to ensure maximum comfort. It’s a luxury that store-bought diapers can’t provide because they’re all the same size.

2. Cut your fabric

You’ll need four pieces of fabric for the both in and out of your diaper. All four pieces can be made from different fabrics, but they must be identical in shape and size. Your pattern is now ready for cutting. Place your template on the fabric’s opposite side if you want the patterned side to show. Make four identical pieces of fabric by repeating step 2.

3. Cut and sew your insert

Your insert is ready to be sewn into place. Cut and sew the fleece that will be used to line your diapers next.

Fold your fleece square in thirds and pin it to one of your interior fabric pieces for extra protection. Using a zig-zag stitch, sew your fleece insert to another piece of fabric once it’s in place.

4. Layer your fabrics

Time to put your diaper together. Assemble the fabric sections as follows:

  • An interior piece facing upwards, then an exterior piece facing upwards, then an exterior piece facing downwards and finally an interior piece facing downwards.
  • Lay out the fabric in layers and use your sewing machine to sew along the edge of each layer. You need to sew about 2cm from the edge in order to create a seam. Be sure to leave the shorter end open so you can turn it over.
  • Cut off the excess fabric and stitch up the areas that need it.

5. Sew your elastic

To prepare for sewing the elastic, make sure your diaper is turned inside out. With a ruler, measure the distance between the elastic’s stitching points. Sewing the elastic to your fabric can begin after you’ve marked the appropriate distance.

6. Close the diaper by sewing it

After sewing the elastic in place, flip the layer over to the right side and close the remaining open edge. Just fold the edges back and pin them together so you can run along them with your sewing machine.

7. Attach the velcro

At this point, your diaper looks amazing compared to store-bought diapers. The velcro is then attached to the diaper to complete the process.

When it comes to Velcro, the loop is soft, while the hook is hard. Velcro requires these two sections to function properly.

Measure the hook side of the diaper front along the diaper’s short tabs. With a strong zig-zag stitch, sew them in lace. Its ready to use!

Congratulations, for your first handmade washable diaper!

Maintenance of cloth diapers

Setting up a homemade diaper washing routine is simple. After use, simply wash the diaper and store it in a damp bag until you have enough to make a load of laundry. Then just wash them like any other garment in the washing machine.

How much does it cost to manufacture cloth diapers?

Making your own cloth diapers is a great way to reap the health, logistical and environmental benefits of reusable diapers without having to add the added complication of high start-up costs. Reusable diapers are cheaper than long term disposable diapers, but the initial investment for reusable diapers is quite large and can reach up to $ 400 to start with. You can choose to invest in high-quality organic material with intricate patterns, or you can keep the cost down by recycling materials you have at home.

How to Make a Homemade Diaper for a 14 Year Old

Hey Parents! Whoa! Did you hear that? You can easily make a homemade diaper for your 14-year old! No more worrying about those pesky store-bought diapers!

All you need is some absorbent material, such as cloth, and a way to fasten it to the child’s body. You can use safety pins, tape, or a belt. You can customize the diaper to fit your child’s body perfectly, and they’ll love the cute design!

First, cut the cloth to the right size and then fold it in half so that it is double thickness.

Start by cutting a piece of flannel fabric into a rectangle that is about 24 inches by 36 inches.

Next, fold the fabric in half so that the long sides are together.

Sew the two long sides together, leaving an opening on one side for inserting the absorbent material. You can use any type of absorbent material you like, such as cotton balls, shredded paper, or cloth diapers.

Once you have filled the insert with absorbent material, sew up the opening closed.

Finally, hem all of the edges of the diaper to keep it from fraying.

How to Make a Homemade Diaper for a 12 Year Old

There are a few ways to make a homemade diaper for a 12 year old. In this day and age, disposable diapers are the most popular way to keep a baby or toddler dry. However, they can be expensive and some people believe they are not good for the environment. If you want to save money or want to do your part in saving the planet, you can make your own homemade diapers.

One way is to use an old T-shirt and cut it into a triangle shape. Then, tie the corners together so that it forms a makeshift diaper. Another way is to use some fabric and fold it into a rectangle shape. Then, sew the edges together to create a makeshift diaper.

How to Make a Diaper for a 13 Year Old

OMG, here’s how to make a diaper for a 13 YEAR OLD! Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be set! The most important thing to consider when making a diaper for a 13 years old is the size of the diaper. You will want to make sure that the diaper is large enough to fit comfortably on the 13-year-old. Additionally, you will want to make sure that the diaper is absorbent enough to absorb the 13 year old’s urine and feces.

Simply measure the waist and cut a piece of cloth that is twice the length of the waist measurement and slightly wider than the waist measurement. Sew the ends of the cloth together, leaving enough space for the person’s waist. Turn the cloth inside out so that the seams are on the inside. Sew a strip of cloth around the top of the diaper to create a waistband.

How to Make a Homemade Diaper for a 11 Year Old

Yes, you can make a homemade diaper for a 11-year old. You will need to measure the child’s waist and then cut a piece of cloth that is the same size.

You will need a few supplies, including:

  • A piece of absorbent fabric measuring at least 24 inches by 36 inches
  • A needle and thread or a sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Pins

To begin, cut the fabric into the shape of a rectangle. Then, fold the fabric in half so that the short ends meet. Sew along the two long edges, using a straight stitch or a zigzag stitch. Leave one end open. Turn the diaper right side out. Now it’s ready to use!

What to Use Instead of Diapers

Diapers are one of the most common and accepted forms of child care. However, there are many different options available to parents who want to avoid diapers. Some parents opt for cloth diapers, which can be expensive to purchase and maintain. Other parents use reusable pads or underwear instead of diapers. There are also disposable diaper alternatives available, such as wet bags and prefold cloth diapers. Ultimately, it is up to the parent to decide what is best for their child based on their individual needs and preferences.

How to Make a Homemade Diaper Out of a Towel

Here is how you can make a homemade diaper out of a towel.

Making a homemade diaper out of a towel is not as difficult as it may seem. In fact, it can be a fun and easy project for parents and caregivers alike. You’ll need a large towel, scissors, and a safety pin.

There are a few different ways to make a homemade diaper out of a towel, but all of them involve essentially the same steps. Here is one way to make a homemade diaper out of a towel:

  • Cut the towel into four equal-sized squares. Cut two squares out of the towel – one for the front and one for the back. The squares should be about twice the size of your baby’s current disposable diaper.
  • After folding each square in half the first time, fold it in half once more. So that the edges meet in the middle, and then iron them flat. This will create four panels for your homemade diaper.
  • Use the safety pin to fasten the diaper around your child’s waist. So pin the panels together, making sure that the folded edges line up correctly.
  • Now it is time to sew!

You can use an old pair of pants as a temporary diaper while you sew it. Since you are using the same kind of fabric, sewing a diaper is really easy! Just make sure that your baby’s legs do not pull through the front or back, but rather stay in place inside the diaper.

How to Make a Homemade Diaper Out of Toilet Paper

Most people know that you can use toilet paper to clean up a mess, but not many people know that you can also use it to make a diaper. A homemade diaper out of toilet paper is a great way to deal with a sudden diapering need, and it’s also a good backup plan if you run out of diapers when you’re out and about. To make a homemade diaper out of toilet paper, follow these simple steps:

  • Start by folding the toilet paper into thirds so that it’s about the size of a regular disposable diaper.
  • Next, fold the top of the toilet paper down so that it forms a cuff around your baby’s waist.
  • Finally, secure the diaper with some tape or safety pins.

How to Make a Homemade Diaper Out of a Plastic Bag

If you don’t have any, or if you run out, you can make a diaper out of a plastic bag.

In order to fashion a diaper out of a plastic bag, one must:

  • Cut the bottom off of the bag.
  • Turn the bag inside out so that the seams are on the inside.
  • Fold the top of the bag down twice so that it is about 2-3 inches wide.
  • Fold the bottom up to meet the top so that it looks like a tube.
  • Secure the ends by sewing them together or with tape.
  • Pull out as much air as possible and tie a knot on both ends of the bag to keep it closed.
  • Leave a little extra room on the top so that you can stuff it with baby wipes or a diaper.

Final Verdict

Now you can make a lot of homemade diapers that you can use for newborns to the teenagers. All you just have to make the diaper large enough so that it will be able to hold all of the mess. The easiest way to make a homemade diaper is to use an old pillowcase.

You can cut a larger opening so that the teenagers can use the bathroom easier, or you can cut an opening that is smaller so that they will have to use the bathroom at home. If you are worried about the teenager having an accident, then you can also use a rubber band around the opening of the diaper so that none of the mess gets out.

Finally, you can make some money while staying free with your new freedom to DIY!

Homemade diapers are a great way to save some cash and make some extra money. You can even sell them online or at local swap meets!

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