How to Put Baby in Jolly Jumper – Easiest way for New Parents

Having a baby can be fun! But sometimes it can also be hard work!

Parents today are usually very busy and have a tough time finding a way to put their babies down than holding them in their arms. They switched to a baby swing or bouncer for this purpose. But bouncers or swings have limited ages for use. When the baby strengthens his head and spine and can hold up or flip over, using a bouncer or swing can be risky.

The Jolly Jumper Exerciser is a great solution for parents who have a tough time sharing their time with their little ones who have already gained strength in their spines.

This is the right place where we are discussing the process to put your baby in a jolly jumper.

How to properly put baby in jolly jumper?

This section will provide a step by step guide to help new parents put their baby in a jolly jumper.

  1. To fit a baby into a Joyous Jumper, spread the saddle and spreader bar on a flat surface. Make sure the cords are in line without any twists. The baby’s arms should extend between areas. Where the webbing is attached from the spreader bar to the front and back of the saddle. The webbing should be strung directly from the spreader bar. So that it will prevent any accidents or falling.
  2. Lay the baby in the saddle. Consider to use the saddle as a diaper for your child, leaving it outside of their clothing. Inspect their diaper for the spreader bar.
  3. Wrapping around baby, next place the lower part of the saddle’s shell between your child’s legs. Securing it to kid should be much like fastening a diaper around kid.
  4. Using the Velcro and buckle, fasten the waistband on your baby’s Jolly jumperoo. If your kid is wearing an outfit underneath, make sure to leave some free space around each of his/her arms. That will ensure there’s no irritation caused by rubbing. (It’s IMPORTANT for parents to ensure that all snaps. Velcro and/or fasteners are secure. Before you allow the baby’s full weight to rest from the spreader bar of the Joyous jumperoo unit.)
  5. For support, use the spreader bar to get the baby to the spring and fasten the spreader bar. As a replacement for having to carry your kid everywhere do it with one of its hooks to a lower end of the spring. It’s always best to be safe when dealing with babies!
  6. To adjust the Jolly jumperoo to a desired height, first lift its chain and then measure it accordingly. Adjust the height of the Joyous jumperoo, loosen or tighten the chain at the desired height. – (Fig. A). Make sure your kid got the proper fit into the Jolly jumperoo. The baby’s feet should be on the floor. So they can kick the floor with their heels. (Fig. B).
how to put baby in jolly jumper


We advise you to keep your baby workouts to 15 mins at a time.

This guide is for new parents who need some help on how to put the kid in the jumperoo.
First, you have to unwrap your little one from being wrapped in a blanket or cloth.

Then, you have to put them into the jolly jumper. Make sure that your kid is facing towards you while they are in the jumper. So that they can watch what’s happening around them while they are being placed.

And lastly, make sure that their head is not bobbing up and down while they are in the jumperoo because this can cause neck problems later on in life if it becomes a habit.


  • Whenever it’s in use, keep older kids away from it.
  • REFUSE TO ENCOUNTER swivelling, dizzying motions.

Final Verdict:

The Jolly Jumper Exerciser from Amazon is the perfect solution for today’s new busy parents. It allows them to get some much-needed exercise while caring for their children. It can be securely attached to an interior doorframe and it’s sturdy clamp ensures that it will stay in place.

Happy Swing!

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