How to Easily Remove Hair from Baby Walker Wheels

A young mother- Ketty is desperate to remove the hair from the wheels of her baby’s walker before her husband comes home. But keeping Baby Walker Wheels clean and hairless can be a challenge…!

Until one woman invents a new way to easily remove hair from baby walker wheels!

The Vtech Baby Walker has big wheels which are suitable for any type of terrain and it has protection facility from hair for your baby. You’ll be able to take a walk in the park with your baby and not have to carry him or her in your arms.

1. Remove the Wheels Section

Use a screwdriver to pry off the offending piece of plastic. Be careful not to damage the wheel.

Vtech Baby Walker

2. Pulling Hair out of Wheels

  • Once the wheel is free, simply grasp the hair with a piece of wire wool and pull gently until the hair comes free.
  • Use a hairdryer on low heat. This will help loosen the hair and make it easier to remove.
  • Squeeze the hair off the wheel in one direction only – don’t pull or twist it.

3. Clean the Wheels

  • Once the hair has been removed from the wheels, it is important to clean them properly. With a small brush, brush out the dirt and debris that is stuck on the wheel. Use a soft toothbrush and toothpaste to clean out any remaining residue on the wheel.
How To Remove Hair From Baby Walker Wheels
  • Use a non-abrasive cleaner like washing up liquid, white vinegar, or rubbing alcohol on a cloth. It will clean the wheel and any residue that has been left behind.

4. Apply Oil

Apply a small amount of oil (WD-40) to the wheel, making sure to apply it evenly. Once you have applied the oil, use your finger to make sure that it is evenly spread out on the wheel. 

Buy following these above simple & quick steps and you’ll be able to easily remove any hair that gets on the wheels.

Besides, hair can be an issue when it comes to the smooth movement of wheels. It can get stuck while the wheels are moving, causing it to be stuck in the wheel.

If you can’t pull it off anyway, don’t worry!

Below are some processes that you can try to prevent hair from sticking to the wheels. We will help you to find the best possible ways to remove hair from baby walker wheels.

Process 1: Roll the wheel and remove hair with a forceps or tweezer

To start with the process, remove the wheel from the walker. It’s very easy. Just pull it and the wheel will be in your hand. Now find a clean surface and rub the wheel quite hard for a few minutes. You can see the hair protruding out from the joints. Now take a forceps or a tweezer, pinch the hair and remove them from the wheel.

Process 2: Use A Butter Knife and Tweezer

Butter knife and tweezer are two common instruments that can easily be found. By using these two you can easily remove hair from your baby walker wheel. Pierce the knife in the cleft of the caster on both sides and sway it around to loosen the stuck hair. Now, use the tweezer and take away the strands of hair.

Use A Butter Knife and Tweezer

Process 3: Use Adhesive tape

Hair sticks to extreme adhesive tape like metal to a magnet. You might be stunned to observe how much hair you can clear out from a stuck baby walker wheel by using adhesive tape. For this:

  • First cut the stuck hair in half with a razor blade.
  • Then wrap a piece of adhesive tape around the wheel and pluck it off.
  • You can do this several times until all the hairs are removed.
Use Adhesive tape

Process 4: Soaking Process With Clog Remover

If you are not satisfied with the previous processes, you can use this soaking process. All you need is some Drano solution and some water. It’s a long-term process as you need to soak it overnight. Whatever, for this process:

  • First remove the wheel from the walker by pulling it.
  • Now take some Drano solution and mix it with some water.
  • Put the wheels in the solution and keep them overnight.
  • This clog remover will break the hairs into pieces.
  • On the next morning take the wheels out of the solution and spin it.
  • Hair will begin to fall out. Keep spinning until all the hairs come out.

Post-hair-removal recovery

After removing the hair, you need to do some extra cleaning of the wheel. Soak the wheels in soap water to remove the dust and stain. Now wash them with clean water and dry them. After cleaning them properly, use some lubricating oil on metal parts and other movable parts to let the wheels move in full motion again.

Additional maintenance tips

To keep your baby walker usable for a long time, you need to take care of the walker. Here are some basic tips for you:

  • Do not keep the walker in direct sunlight for a long time. Sunlight stimulates the deterioration of plastic materials.
  • Clean fabric covers and trims regularly. Use household soap or mild detergent and fully dry it before using or storing it.
  • Do not dry clean your baby walker or use bleach or any other toxic cleaning product.
  • Clean the wheels regularly. You can clean them once a week.
  • Remove batteries if you are not going to use the baby walker for a long time as batteries may leak and cause damage.
  • Always store the seat in a well-ventilated area to prevent affecting the seat by mold and mildew. Don’t fold or store the seat if it’s wet or damp.

Final Verdict

So now that you’ve read our article on how to easily remove hair from baby walker wheels, you should have a better idea of how to get those pesky hairs off of your baby walker.

We hope that you are now able to clean up those pesky hairs that get stuck on baby walker wheels and keep your baby safe and sound. But if you still end up with some hairs on your baby walker, don’t worry too much!!…

It will eventually fall off on its own. If you have any other questions or concerns about your baby walker, please contact us anytime.

We are always happy to help!

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