How To Take Apart Baby Einstein Jumper – DIY Disassembly Instructions

A baby Einstein jumper is a fun toy for a child. They can use it to practice their balance and coordination skills. Yet, they tend to get bored by the jumper after some time and move on. This article will show how to take apart one of these jumpers. You might want to store it for your next baby Or want to transport while you changing your apartment. Or, to reuse the materials or recycle them if they are not reusable.

Babies not only love music but also enjoy watching different colors. A baby Einstein jumper can provide both. The toy module is removable for replacement or cleaning.

The disassembly steps are you need to remove the seat carrier. And get access to the module’s two locking keys. After that turn both locking keys a quarter. Then, remove the toy module and remove the batteries. There are no screws on this product. So you don’t have to worry about them while disassembling it’s really easy.

Once you’ve removed the seat carrier and got access to the locking keys, turn both of them a quarter. Next, remove the toy module and remove the batteries.

So, to disassemble a baby Einstein jumper, check out the following steps..

How to take apart baby Einstein jumper at home?

This step-by-step guide will help you disassemble your Baby Einstein jumper.

Step 1: Remove the seat carrier

Pull out and separate the carrier of the sitting facility from the vehicle. That has all the electronics and toys attached to it. So, remove the seat carrier by squeezing the two release buttons and lifting it upwards.

Step 2: Get access to the module’s two locking keys

Next, you will need access to the two locking keys that hold the module together with screws on either side of it. So, get access to the module’s two locking keys by removing two screws from both sides of the module.

Step 3: Turn both locking keys a quarter

Turning both keys, a quarter unlocks them. And allows access for lifting up this module and taking out all of its components, like ropes and balls. So all you need to turn both locking keys a quarter. The upper part of the toy should now be loose and you can lift it up and remove it off.

how to take apart baby einstein jumper

Step 4: Remove the toy module

To remove the toy module, you will need to return it back after you are finishing using it.

Step 5: Replace the batteries

Last, to remove the batteries from the piano module and replace the battery compartment lid.

What to do if you can’t assemble it?

Kids II does not want customers to discard their products in landfills. To do so, lift it from its position at the top of the play area’s surface and turn it upside down. So that you can lift away from its bottom edge from underneath the edge of the jumper’s top surface with one hand.

With your other hand firmly grasp on both sides of this bottom edge and pull straight up. Until this bottom edge clears completely from underneath of jumper’s top surface. Now as soon as possible, return the toy module to Kids II Customer Service to replace it.

If you prefer a video version here is one from Nicole. Please feel free to check it out!

Final Verdict

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