How To Use a Wipe Warmer? – Guide and Manual

A wipe warmer is a device that heats up baby wipes in order to make them more comfortable for the skin. Warmers protects wipes from the cold. To use, open your child’s wipes and use the Warm Kit to keep them warm.

In general, the best way to use a wipe warmer is to pour a small amount of water into the container and turn it on. Then add some baby wipes and wait until they are warm enough.

We discuss how to keep your wipe warmer in good working order. These techniques include checking for leaks, filling the warmer with enough water, and cleaning it.

How To Use Baby Wipe Warmer – Guide & Manual

Warmer is an appliance that maintains a certain temperature so that you can use it to store baby wipes. To use Warmer, place the appliance on a flat and stable surface and pull down the locks on the side, like this.

Remove some wipes from the center of Warmer, then slide open the smaller lid. Pull up on a wipe, one at a time – or as many as needed.

Close both lids, then push down on the top of all of your wipes with your hand – just like this.

Close both lids securely, slide locks back into locked position. Be sure to also close the smaller lid securely by clicking it tight.

how to use wipe warmer

In the market today, people want warm wipes. They still want to warm up their wipes but at the same time, they don’t want to have a heavy box on their countertop. So we found a solution for it – an add-on hiccapop Baby Wipe Warmer made especially for keeping wipes warm.

Parents will love the convenience of these innovative wipes containers. Pop-Up lid is effective for people who are on the go and need instant access.

Original lids are made with BPA free plastic in a triangle-like shape that is easy to pull apart. The lid makes it perfect for keeping your hands clean as you unwrap the wipe.

Wipe Warmer Tips and Tricks:

The wipe warmer is a machine that keeps the wipes at a constant temperature.

A wipe warmer is used to keep wipes warm and moist all day, thus it is important to know how to use it.

The first thing you need to know how to do with the wipe warmer is not overfill it with wipes because this could cause an overflow of water and make the machine short-circuit. Next, you need to clean the inside of the machine by using hot water and soap. After this, make sure you fill the warmer with water by following these steps:

  1. lift lid on top of machine;
  2. fill container at bottom of machine with distilled or filtered water;
  3. plug in power cord into an electrical outlet;
  4. press power button for 10 seconds.

Before using a new wipe warmer for the first time, it is advisable to test it with an old baby wipe in order to check if there are any leaks or any other malfunctions. Then unplug the warmer when you are not using it.

Pop-Up Wipes are very convenient, and you can use them in a number of different ways. For example, you can use Pop-Up Wipes to clean up any spills that happen in your home.

Wipe Warmer Safety

Using a baby wipe warmer ensures your baby always has warm wipes. But people often forget how important it is to follow certain rules to avoid harming themselves or others.

  • Adding water – A wipe warmer keeps your baby’s wipes warm and moist when you need them. Even if we do our best to keep cleaning and refilling the wipes warmer, it may tell us to add water.
  • Bacterial growth requires a warm, moist environment. That’s why your wipe warmer encourages bacterial growth. No parent wants to be responsible for their child 24/7. The baby wipe made it easier for parents to care for their children’s needs. These wipes are made from cloths that have been cleaned.
  • Buying a brand name has many benefits. Even if you choose a cheaper option, be aware that they are often poorly made and potentially dangerous.

Final Verdict

Whenever you go to a public bath and change baby diapers you have an instant tantrum. Just because diaper bag wipes have cold water doesn’t really suit him at all.

Some mothers love baby wipes warmers!

The child squirms when we wash her clothes and uses water at room temperature. We had no better experience with the swapping of wipes with the wipe warmer.

Change of diapers was incredibly easy especially during a cold night.

Feeling awesome to help you out!

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