Review Of The Joovy Spoon Walker: An worthy Baby walking Tool

Who ever referred to a baby walker as a spoon?
The Joovy does it!

The Joovy Spoon Walker is an adjustable baby walker that helps babies transition from crawling to walking.

Oh my goodness, starting your baby on their independent journey is the best feeling ever! And allowing them to walk on their own is just amazing. The Joovy spoon walker is a great choice to help them in this matter.

It might sound like a wise investment to go for the cheaper option when it comes to baby walkers, but it’s not!

Get a baby walker that is sturdy, safe, and will grow with your child.

This article will focus on the Joovy Spoon Walker, which is one of the more expensive alternatives but is still worthwhile

Basic Functions of the Joovy Spoon Walker

joovy spoon walker reviews


  • Style: Walkers
  • Dimensions: ‎27.75 x 25.5 x 18 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎12.3 pounds
  • Height positions: 3 adjustable height positions
  • Maximum child weight: 30 lbs
  • Maximum child height: 33.5 inches
  • Care instructions: Machine washable seat

The high chair and walker just crossed paths and the spoon walker created the perfect mix of eating, playing, and learning to walk all in one!

The spoon fits in seamlessly with your kitchen and home decor while also being useful and attractive.

3 levels of height adjustments that means it grows with your baby. Swivelable front wheels allow your baby to roam around the house.

The seat cushion not only offers support but also makes for a comfortable sitting experience and can be machine washed.

It collapses into a small, convenient package, making travel and storage a breeze.

What makes the Joovy Spoon Walker special?


  • Tray: Large tray
  • Extra: Dishwasher-safe tray insert
  • Wheel: non-slip stair pads on wheels
  • Non-toxic: BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free
  • Extra safety: extra-wide footprint

The Joovy Spoon Walker is a great asset for babies as well as you. This is a walker that comes with a large tray and a tray insert.

Your baby can eat on it. He can also play with his favorite toys on it.

You can get some suction toys and stick them on it. This is a great activity center for your baby as well as a walker.

And cleaning this tray is a breeze. This insert is removable and also dishwasher safe.

Amazing! Isn’t it?

It allows your baby to explore the home safely while eating or playing.


Yea. This gear has got non-slip stair pads on its wheel. And also a technology that prevents your baby to go out of the house as the wheels stick to the door ledge or stairs automatically (But still don’t use it near the stairs).

The extra-wide footprint of the Spoon walker prevents smashed fingers and keeps babies safe while they take it for a spin.

This product has passed JPMA safety certification testing.

Customer review and ratings on the Joovy Spoon Walker

The Joovy Spoon Walker is one of the top-rated baby walkers and activity centers.

There is a huge number of positive reviews on Amazon as well as other marketplaces.

Like one of the customers on amazon has stated that this is the best one on the market.

Most of them are loving the removable tray insert and the huge tray.

Baby can’t get his hands over the edge and smash his fingers, and he can’t reach as many items in the tray, according to one of them.

Another buyer noted that this is ideal for those babies that always want to be held and accompany mommy and daddy everywhere.

On the other hand, some customers have found flaws in this walker.

Like, they are claiming that the height setting is not convenient for their babies. The highest setting is very high and the middle setting lets the baby lean forward.

This may happen because of the different heights of babies. Anyone can face this problem with any walker.

My Experience With The Spoon Walker

When I got the walker for my niece, I was worried that it won’t work as well as it showed in the demo.

But I was too surprised to hear that the walker actually works as the demo. My sister told me that her daughter really loves the walker.

In the morning she keeps her daughter in the walker and goes to make breakfast and the baby roams around her, playing and eating.


She thanked me cordially for gifting such a nice and useful walker.

Benefits and drawbacks of the Joovy Spoon Walker

What I like

The assembly of this walker is quite straightforward and simple.

The seat fabric is extremely long-lasting and cleans up quite well in the washing machine.

A sizable tray that is far bigger than a typical walker, with a plastic insert that can be removed and is appropriate for use in the dishwasher.

It can be adjusted to a number of different phases. The non-slip stair pads and the extra broad footprint are both pretty great qualities that the product has to offer.

What I don’t like

There are a few instances in which the front wheels do not turn properly.

Some infants cannot comfortably use the top level of this walker, and the middle level pushes the child to lean forward.

The cost is too high.

Final Verdict

You know, price doesn’t matter if you get the right product that meets all your needs.

In spite of some flaws, I think this walker is really something worth the money.

If your baby is kinda Mamma’s boy or girl you should go for the Joovy Spoon Walker. Let your baby be around you while you are in the kitchen or doing something else.

It is my sincere hope that you may find this post beneficial.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my articles.

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