Jumperoo Alternatives – What can I use Instead of a Baby Jumper?

Babies love attention, and they also like to move around a lot. They’re curious about new toys, energetic and new to the world. That’s why it’s vital they don’t get bored and idle while learning new things.

Skip Hop Baby Activity Center

Activity Center

Push toys

Push Toys

Door Bouncer

Activity Tables

Activity Tables

Travel Cot with Toys

Playpen with Toys

Playpen with Toys

Stork Craft’s 3-in-1 activity walker

Activity Walker

Baby jumpers will keep your child occupied for a short period. And allows you to take a shower or even make a phone call.

But that will be risky if you use it 3 times for 10 to 15 minutes in a day. So, try to seek for more to play with new things for long time. So, unlike most parents think, consider jumperoo alternatives to use instead of a baby jumper!

Yes, you’re definitely in the right place. This post will tell you about 7 things to think about using instead of a baby jumperoo. The last one will amaze you!

List of Jumperoo Alternatives and Ways to use it

Use Exersaucer

Entertaining kids while doing other chores is a major challenge for new parents. Stationary activity centers and exersaucer are large, sturdy walkers that can help!

Not swiveling around because they don’t contain any wheels. Designed to adjust in height depending on how tall your baby is.

Just remember that the size of the center makes it difficult to move around. So if you want something more mobile, look elsewhere.

You can check out this jumparoo vs exersaucer to find out which one suits your needs.

Skip Hop Baby Activity Center

It keeps your baby safe in one spot letting them play with toys.

Designed for many of their age. Helps to develop motor skills, balance and even hand eye coordination!

Place the child in the molded plastic seat and secure the 3 point padded safety harness. And then they can enjoy themselves by playing with toys placed right in front of them on the tray.

Use Push toys

Push toys are great for babies who are on their feet for the first time. Baby use it for standing or cruising to take supported steps. You should look for a sturdy handle to hold on securely at the time of pushing. So your baby can keep their balance better to walk. The handle should also be adjustable too, so you can loosen it as your child becomes more comfortable walking. They can push themselves around independently. 

Its wheels free kid toy push-like items. So you’ll want to be more vigilant when it’s in used to avoid accidents.

Some of our favorite push toys include

  • Bright Starts Active
  • Fun Bouncer,
  • Fisher-Price Laugh &
  • Learn Jumperoo
  • Activity Center, and
  • Infantino Twist & Fold
  • Activity Gym.
VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Basic

Use Door Bouncer

door bouncer is similar to a play-pen only in its basic structure. The door bouncers are hung from the top of the doorway, one end higher than the other. Whereas most typical baby playpens are on flat ground when in use. They all offer protection to your child in some form or another.

Bright Starts Bounce ‘n Spring Deluxe Door Jumper

The Bright Starts Bounce ‘n Spring Deluxe Door Jumper comes with four toys that can be used to play in. It has a frog, a butterfly, a musical doll and a ladybug. The door bouncer also has two calming vibrations and music modes.

The design of the bouncer is made to resemble a tree house for your baby. So they feel comfortable and safe while playing inside it. Allows your child to explore their surroundings with relax and unwind. We publish jumper vs bouncer to help you take the right decision.

Use Activity tables

Activity tables provide opportunities for creativity, exploration and movement. Allow your kid to be entertained and stimulated by their environment rather than a toy. Activity tables help babies develop their sensory skills. And it can especially useful in the early stages of development. Check out this jumper vs activity center to get a clear idea.

If your baby don’t want the Jumperoo, consider a Galaxy table as an alternative. The galaxy table has two sides. In one has rotating gears, flashing lights, and color-discovery circuits. In another side, it will hold your baby’s attention for a long time. There are numerous activities that will keep your kid entertained for a long time.
If above one is not enough, you can choose another activity table. You may like Baby Einstein Curiosity Table.

Baby Einstein Curiosity Table

Use a travel cot with toys

ELTOW Inflatable toddler air mattress

Use ELTOW Inflatable toddler air mattress with safety bumpers for your kids. It’s multilayered with puncture resistant vinyl to offer protection against puncture. The mattress is removable for easy access.

It has protective bumpers on both sides to prevent rollovers. Plus comes with all you need including travel bags for convenient carriage.

Use a playpen with toys

The Portable Playard is ideal for homes with limited space and a need for a playpen. It’s smaller than most playpens and folds. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. The fact that your child can see through the mesh is an added bonus. Since there are no bars or obstructions to their vision. Allows them to play more with you without feeling confined.

This product is also soft enough for your baby to relax while playing. So they’re not exhausted when you’re done!

Baby Sweet Wonder Playard, Foldable Baby Playpen

Use a rocker that turns into walker

A rocker that transforms into a walker is ideal for babies too big for jumpers. Stork Craft’s 3-in-1 activity walker and rocker features more than just feeding, jumping, and piano playing. It gives your child a fun mix of high-end features.

Like a jumping board, toy tray, and feeding tray for your adorable baby. This model’s swivel seat allows your child to fully engage with this three-in-one walker!

Final Verdict

All seven options are fantastic for new baby jumper alternatives! We hope that serving those alternatives was worthy of your time!

Have fun with kids with the right toys in a way they enjoy!

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