Jumperoo vs Activity Center – Which one to Buy for Todler?

OMG! Parents today are sooo o excited about buying baby toys for their kids!

They’re frantically searching for the best toys to meet their children’s needs. It’s so hard to figure out what to get for your little one, but so worth it when you find the perfect thing!

Can’t wait to see what they choose!

Kid’s toys come in all shapes and sizes – but not every one of them is perfect for your baby! You can divide them up into two categories: Active toys and Passive toys.

Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Servin' Up Fun Jumperoo



Skip Hop Baby Activity Center

Activity Center

Active Toys

Are you looking for an exciting and energetic toy for your toddler? Look no further than a jumper! Jumpers are the best! They’re famous for being some of the most active and playful toddler toys around!

As they race around and explore their new world, toddlers love toys that are active and full of energy! It encourages their development, but you need to keep them entertained safely.

So let them jump their way to fun!

Passive Toys

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by taking care of your baby, don’t worry! There’s a perfect solution: Activity centers are the best passive toddler toys ever!

With all the fun activities available in one place, you can take a break and revive yourself.

They keep babies in an upright position and stationary, so they can only observe the toys moving around them.

Activity centers can keep children entertained while they are inactive & learn new skills. It can help children stay calm and focused like never before!


Not everyone is blessed with great deal of space but it doesn’t mean they can’t have fun. Activity centers are perfect for small space!

To make sure there is no doubt between these two amazing toys, take a look at our comparison!

Jumperoo vs Activity Center

jumperoo vs activity center

A jumperoo is the perfect place for your baby to jump and bounce around!

With elastic straps that hold them in place, your baby can have a blast while getting some exercise at the same time!

This seat is usually in the center of a FUN circular table that is packed with all sorts of stimulating toys to keep your child entertained!

Activity centers can be a challenge to create a safe and enjoyable environment for children.But with the work center, you’ll have nothing to worry about!

It’s the perfect solution for keeping kids active and supervised. The perfect place to keep your baby safe and healthy!

The soft material on the bars prevents hurting your baby, and the gym-like feeling provides plenty of stimulation and excitement.

activity center vs jumperoo

The jumperoo seat is a great way for children to get some exercise and work on their motor skills! Make sure to wipe it down after each use to keep it in a dry area. Be sure to strap your child into the seat correctly so they don’t fall out during the ride! Make sure they’re not standing on it either. That could be dangerous!

The Activity center is the perfect way to keep a child occupied without having to worry about them! It’s a safe and fun environment for kids to play in, and parents can relax knowing their children are safe.


Hey guys!

Let s explore deeper into these two and know more about them. Then it ll be easy for you to make a verdict on which one to buy for your youngest one. It ll be SO much fun!

Comparison between a Jumperoo and an Activity Center

Feature comparison

Features Jumperoo (Skip Hop Fold-Away Baby Jumper) Activity Center (Skip Hop Baby Activity Center)
Activity Jumper
Three stages of use: Sit, swivel, bounce & play; Cruise & interact; Play table; 25+ developmental activities
Weight recommendation
Max:15 Kilograms / 33 lb
Min: 16 lb, Max: 28 lb
20 plus development activities including clip-on, movable toys, lights and music and breaks into applause at 100-jump milestones
5 play toys, piano keys near the feet, plenty of sounds and music, Discovery window.
Toy type
Clip-on toys can be positioned based on the baby’s abilities
Clip-on toys can be positioned based on the baby’s abilities
360-degree removable rotating seat that turns and stretches for bouncing
360-degree removable rotating seat that turns and stretches for bouncing
Care instruction
‎Machine washable seat cover; Plastic parts - wipe surfaces with mild soap & water. Air Dry
Machine washable seat, Plastic parts-Clean with dry cloth only, Bee bowl- dishwasher safe
Adjustable to five heights as baby grows
Grows with baby in 3 stages
Easily folds flat for storage; strap secures folded jumper for travel
Not foldable


Hey, parents! If you’re in the market for a new home gym for your kids, don’t forget to consider the jumper and the Activity Center model!

Similarities between jumper and Activity Center:

  • These two models offer a variety of exercises that will help to target different areas of your baby’s body!
  • The jumper and the Activity Center are both huge! They have plenty of space to play and move around, so your kids will never get bored.
  • How cool is it that both come in different colors and styles! You can choose the one that fits your baby’s personality perfectly! How cool is that?
  • Both offer Machine washable seat cover! Perfect for keeping your child safe and clean! Their plastic parts are durable and easy to keep clean.
  • These two awesome products offer Clip-on Toys that can be positioned based on your baby’s abilities! What a great idea for keeping them entertained!
  • Both the seats in these bouncers rotate a full 360 degrees, so baby can spin around to their heart’s content! Plus, they stretch outwards for extra bouncing power!

Wow, both of these options offer great value and versatile options for your kids that will let them have a blast!


If you’re looking for a way to get your baby moving, an activity center is a great option! They offer more exercise than jumpers do.

To dig down more…

Read on…

There’s an important difference: Based on the style of the two products.

The activity center has got three stages of use: Sit, swivel, bounce & play; Cruise & interact; Play table; 25+ developmental activities. That means it can be used as an activity center, or a bouncer as the seat is stretchable for bouncing.

With the baby’s growth, this activity center can be converted into a tidy, stable table for playing, coloring, and other activities. You can also find chairs online for your baby so that he can use the table as a dining table. There’s a bee bowl on it.


And not only that, but it’s also dishwasher safe and your bub can eat his favorite snacks in it.
Your baby will love it!

But the saddest part is that the jumperoo doesn’t have any such features. It’s only manufactured as a jumper with some Toys.

Whatever, the jumperoo has got an outstanding feature that the activity center doesn’t have, which is that the whole product easily folds flat for storage. And additionally, it has got straps that secure the folded jumperoo when traveling.

Not bad!

In spite of that, the activity center is still the winner considering its amazing some features.

Here’s another one- the discovery window.

Discovery window?

What’s that?

It’s a feature that is on the main table. There’s a hole in the top of the table which is covered with a piece of transparent plastic allowing the baby to see his feet. This play pen comes with metal legs which will give your child more strength to jump and play around safely.

Skip Hop Fold-Away Baby Jumpers are typically more expensive than the Skip Hop Baby Activity Center. But they’re worth it because they’re so much fun!

With a jumper, your baby can have a great time bouncing around and exploring. It’s an amazing entertainment for the kids!

Pros and Cons of the Two

Skip Hop Fold-Away Baby Jumper


  • Features music as well as a bounce counter to monitor your baby’s amount of bounces.
  • Folds flat so that it can be moved easily.
  • Each toy has a unique level of entertainment value.
  • Toys can be moved around or taken out completely..
  • Includes music and a bounce meter that tracks the number of bounces your baby makes.


  • Straps break occasionally which can cause accidents.
  • Not multi-usable
  • The bee antennas are sharp and the mirror has ridges on top, which could hurt the baby’s gums.

Skip Hop Baby Activity Center


  • Superior in quality
  • Toys are Simple-to-use.
  • Colors that are striking, gender-neutral, and not obnoxious
  • Very much sturdy
  • Height can be adjusted with the child
  • Designed for multi-purpose use
  • The toys are all super cute and, easy to attach/detach


  • The baby couldn’t jump since the base straps aren’t stretchable.
  • Possible to get baby’s finger stuck between the toys.

Which one to Buy for the Toddler?

Many excited parents wonder about their baby when they try to sit or stand with some assist!

A Jumperoo is a popular piece of children’s equipment, but pediatricians are not recommending them. There is a higher incidence of head and neck injuries associated with the use of Jumperoos.

Activity centers are more commonly recommended by pediatricians.

Oh wow…

Hey Parents…

Look at this! You can now choose skip hop based on that safety measure. isn’t that great?

Moreover, Jumper’s aggressive movement may create higher intension to injury! While Activiy center is more safe and grow with your child…


Many activity centers have adjustable height levels, which makes it easy to adjust the height as your little one grows.

Activity centers are also a great way to keep your toddler entertained and busy. They are portable and easy to bring outside travel. They can play with the toys and activities at their own pace, and you don’t have to worry about them getting into trouble.

Don’t worry! Checkout our selection of different push walker activity center.

Those are perfect for keeping your little one entertained and active!

Activity center is more likely to grow and use with your child for many years to come. They are far safer and better for your baby’s health!

If you want to let your baby jump and bounce around to their heart’s content, then jumper is the best option!

Your baby will be on a wild ride! Because they will have an incredible seat attached to straps covered in elastic!

Best Baby Activity Center: Skip Hop Explore and More versus Fisher Price 2-in-1

Final Verdict

Which of these two options is best for your child—and which should you choose? That is up to you!

The Activity Center is the better choice if you’re looking for an activity center that can safely occupy your child for hours on end.

The Jumper, however, is a better choice if you’re looking for a jumper that your child can use to develop their gross and fine motor skills.

Activity centers are a fantastic way to keep your young child entertained and engaged during the day. They also allow you to get some time for yourself while your little one is playing.

Activity centers are a much safer option for keeping your child occupied while you sneak in some me-time yourself!

So it’s a win-win! Both are amazing entertainment for the kids!

Whatever you decide… Have fun!

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