Which Lounger is Right for Your Baby? Leachco Podster or Boppy Lounger?

As a new parent, we want the best for our babies and provide them with the best possible nursing and lounging environment. The lounger is a great way to help mothers in their breastfeeding journey. It relieves the pressure on the back and hips while they are breastfeeding, which can help them avoid postpartum back pain.

Attention Parents…!

podster vs boppy lounger

When it comes to lounging baby products, there are two main contenders: the Leachco Podster vs the Boppy Lounger

Do you want a podster, or a boppy? Which style is best for your needs? And what materials should you be looking for? Here’s our guide to help you decide!

How to Choose the Best Nursing Pillow for You?

Choosing the right nursing pillow is a tough decision. It’s hard to know which one will be the best for you and your baby.

The first step in choosing a nursing pillow is considering your needs and preferences.

  • What are your goals?
  • Do you want something that is easy to travel with?
  • Something that’s machine washable?
  • Something that provides extra support while breastfeeding?

These are some of the questions that should be running through your head before making a choice.

Here, we are going to compare the two top Loungers- Leachco Podster vs Boppy Lounger to make your choice easier.

Comparison between Leachco Podster and Boppy?

In order to assist you in selecting the baby lounger that is most suitable for your needs while still remaining within your budget, I have compared and contrasted these two low-cost options, outlining their similarities and differences along with the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Toddlers and babies often love to relax in a comfortable chair or lounger. But which one is right for your child?

Here’s a comparison of two popular loungers: the Leachco Podster and the Boppy Lounger.

Features Leachco Podster Boppy Lounger
Playtime, feeding time, tummy time, helps with acid reflux, spending time with family and friends
Playtime, feeding time, tummy time, helps with acid reflux, spending time with family and friends
Weighs 2.95 lbs
Weighs 2.89 lbs
Return Policy and Warranty
30 Day return policy, 90-Day Limited Warranty
30 day return policy, Limited warranty
Age/ Weight Range
6 to 16 lbs (0-6 months)
(0-4 months)
25.5 x 23 x 8 inch (LxWxH), larger than the Boppy
18 x 18 x 7 inch (LxWxH)
Removable cover for machine washing
Can put the entire lounger in the washing machine (only for delicate cycle)
Comfort and Safety
For supervised awake times only, Adjustable inner mesh depth increases baby's safety.
For supervised awake times only, firmer and more durable than Leachco Podster
Extra covers are available online
Extra covers are not usually available
Fewer prints and patterns
Fewer prints and patterns but offers more than Leachco Podster
Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton
Soft and breathable fabric
Pricier than Boppy Lounger

Similarities between Leachco Podster and Boppy Lounger

The Leachco Podster and the Boppy Lounger are two popular infant carriers that have many similarities. Both carriers are easy to use and comfortable for both you and your baby.

They are also versatile, able to be used in a variety of ways depending on your needs. Both carriers can be used as a carry-on bag when traveling, making them a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable option.


The Podster and Boppy Lounger can be used during playtime, feeding time, tummy time, and spending time with family and friends. Some parents say the Boppy Newborn Lounger and Leachco Podsters helped their baby’s acid reflux by keeping them upright.

Many parents have used both for shower time. They put the towel on the baby loungers, dry their baby, and then cuddle them in their arms.

If your kids have outgrown it, use it for your pet.


Both the Podster and Boppy Lounger are easy to move and transport, balancing 2.89 and 2.95 lbs.

Both aren’t compact for air travel, but the Boppy Lounger has a carrying case. Leachco Podster may need a separate bag for air travel.


With both the Boppy and the Podster, a child’s upper body is elevated, making it easier for him or her to see what’s around them. To put it another way, it helps the baby keep an eye on their mother, ensuring that she is nearby.

In addition, this level of incline aids in digestion after a meal.

Hands-free living

With all the work we do, you can’t hold a baby all day. It’s impossible. Baby loungers can help. It encloses the baby so she doesn’t have to be carried constantly. This frees your hands to do anything within view. It’s limitless. You can eat, use the bathroom, do chores, or sit down hands-free.

The Boppy and Podster are hands-free champs.


There is a 30-day return policy and a 90-day limited warranty included with the purchase of a Leachco Podster.

However, the Boppy Lounger comes with both a limited warranty and a return policy that is valid for a period of thirty days.

What makes Leachco Podster different from Boppy Lounger?

If you’re looking for a comfortable recliner, the Leachco Podster is definitely worth a look.

Unlike other recliners that require you to prop your feet up on a footrest, the Leachco Podster has a built-in pillow that supports your head and neck. Plus, its soft fabric and comfortable padding make it an ideal choice for long summer days spent taking in the sunshine.

Age limit

While the Leachco Podster is designed for babies weighing between 6 and 16 pounds (0-6 months), the Boppy Lounger is intended for infants who have just been born (0-4 months).

Both should only be used while awake and under the supervision of an adult.


The Leachco Podster is slightly larger than the Boppy Lounger, measuring 25.5 x 23 x 8 inches (LxWxH), while the Boppy Lounger’s dimensions are 18 x 18 x 7 inches (LxWxH).


The Leachco Podster comes in at a price that is a little higher than that of the Boppy Lounger, but it is significantly cheaper than that of a DockaTot or even a Snuggle Me.


Boppy’s wipeable surface makes spit-ups easy to clean. For larger accidents, wash the Boppy loungers in the machine on a gentle cycle. You can air-dry or tumble-dry it. Dryer balls or tennis balls help the Boppy retain its shape. Follow the instructions carefully or the stuffing may leak.

The Podster’s removable cover is great. So if there are messes, you can wash just the cover. A warm gentle cycle and low heat are recommended. Spot-clean the pillow.

Many machines won’t fit loungers. The Podster is easier to clean because you only need to remove the cover.

Safe and comfy

Leachco Podster’s contoured sides keep the baby secure. Parents like that their kids won’t slide out of the Leachco Podster. It’s harder for babies to roll out of, preventing injuries and positional asphyxia.

Leachco Podster has an adjustable depth. This area cradles and comforts kids. Mesh prevents overheating in Leachco Podster. Some parents prefer mesh because their babies sweat less in it.

For newborn support, some prefer the Boppy Lounger. Leachco Podster is softer than Boppy Lounger.

The Boppy Lounger is shorter, according to some parents. The former doesn’t support their baby’s legs, but the Leachco Podster does.

Babies shouldn’t be left alone in the Boppy Lounger or Leachco Podster.
Some parents use both. If the baby can’t roll out of the loungers, they’re safe.


The Boppy Lounger has soft, breathable fabric that can be wiped clean.

Their website says production begins in China. Fulfillment, packaging, and shipping are done in US factories to reduce their carbon footprint.

Leachco Podster is flame-retardant- and PBDE-free. It’s 65% polyester and 35% cotton.


Boppy Loungers’ website doesn’t sell extra covers; you must buy them elsewhere. On contrary, you can buy an extra Leachco Podster cover on their website.

Parents have criticized Leachco Podster’s covers. Some say the covers are so thin that stains go through the pillow, it rips, and the zipper falls off.

I suggest getting an extra cover just in case. Use a blanket or towel to make spit-ups or diaper blowouts easier to clean.

Pros and Cons comparison between Leachco Podster and Bopy Lounger

Leachco Podster


  • Easy to get around by car
  • Allows for larger infants to fit.
  • Deeply contoured, easily adjustable seats
  • Removable extra cover


  • Insufficiently thick and unsatisfactory cover
  • Babies are less supported in mesh center

Boppy Lounger


  • Comfortable for feeding
  • Great neck support
  • Provide relief for back pain while sitting
  • Easy to get around by car


  • Highly risky when unsupervised
  • Cover sold elsewhere

Which One Is Better? Leachco Podster or Boppy Lounger

Baby sleep is essential for their overall health and development. Although most babies can nap anywhere, some parents find that certain positions work better for their babies than others.

It’s similar to the Boppy Lounger, but with an adjustable mesh center and deeply contoured sides, Leachco Podster is safer for newborns than the Boppy Lounger.


Organic Boppy Loungers are made of high-quality, sturdy material, so that you can use them for future babies. They are cheaper and a top seller on e-commerce websites.

The leachco podster and the boppy lounger are two popular baby loungers.

So, which one is right for you?

If you want to keep your baby safer, I’ll suggest to choose the Leachco Podster.

The Leachco Podster is the best choice for mothers who want to nurse in different positions, while the Boppy Lounger Pillow is best for mothers who want to nurse in one position. The leachco podster is a soft, comfortable seat. It’s perfect if your baby prefers to be reclined or side-slept in.

Final Verdict

The Leachco Podster and Boppy Lounger are both great options for your baby to lounge in. But the Leachco Podster is the better choice for your baby. It is more comfortable and provides more support than the Boppy Lounger.

If you are looking for a comfortable place for your baby to relax, the Leachco Podster is the perfect choice.

Young mother should keep in mind…!

Both the Boppy Lounger and the Leachco Podster are only recommended for supervised wake times and unsupervised sleep poses risks.


You got your best one from the Leachco Podster and the Boppy Lounger.

Happy Nurshing! &…

Have Great time with your kids on breastfeeding!…

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