Baby Jumper Controversy – Are they really Evil?

A recent article in The Guardian brings attention to the growing baby jumper controversy. Baby jumpers seem like a fun, harmless way to entertain your child, but some people believe they are actually evil.

Here, you will find the both sides of the controversy! Plus you can examine some of their pros and cons of baby jumpers.

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Physical Therapist Recommended Baby Jumper

But Ever since the first baby jumper was introduced, parents have debated whether or not to use them.


Some believe that they are a great way to keep their children entertained and happy while they are busy doing other things around the house. They also mention that their child’s physical therapist recommended a baby jumper as the safest option.


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Pros and cons of baby jumpers

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Others believe that they are just a waste of time and money and putting baby in jumper too early. That it is better to let your child explore their environment on their own, without any help from gadgets or other devices.

If you think baby jumper is evil, you can try out some of our alternative tips..!

I understand that you’ll need five minutes hands-free, where you can have a little bit of time away from your bub or you’re supervising your bubs but just be hands-free and have a moment.

So there are other ways that you can entertain your baby such as placing your baby in a baby gym & playmat. When you are using a baby gym, your baby at three months will be reaching out and batting the toys. Then they’ll start to grab them. And then by six months, they will be definitely grabbing them and moving them between hands. 

If your baby does not enjoy the baby gym at the end of the day, I recommend a rocker chair. These are extremely useful because they keep your baby seated. You can give them a toy like Oball or a squishy toy while they are in the chair. It is fantastic for fine motor development.

If your baby is around six months old, you can place them in a high chair and place some toys on the tray.

You can use a pram if you don’t have a rocker chair or a high chair. Put your baby in an upright position in a pram with those harnesses attached and give them a toy. They are essentially upright and seated so they can see what is going on in the world and be quite entertained. 

My thoughts: What do I do as a mother?

I’ve been using a baby jumper for my son for the past few months, and it’s been great! He loves it, and it has helped him develop physically.

Safety Tips: Are jumpers harmful for babies?

Baby jumpers are said to be safe if used properly. While there is some controversy around the use of baby jumpers, they can be safe if used properly and can help babies develop their motor skills.

Tell me the best way to limit your baby’s time in their jumper

Experts give you advice on safe practices. Without a medical background it can really be tricky to know how safe toys are to your babies. It takes many research and time – and many parents’ opinions – to know what to buy, how you use it, and what you avoid.

Sometimes people use or encourage certain babies’ clothing that has a mix of positive or negative comments. You may also know that jumping clothes can cause pain but do jumpers cause any serious damage?

What are baby jumpers used for? Procedure to use a baby jumper safely!

Before discussing the advantages and disadvantages of a baby jumper, we should know what a baby jumper actually is and what is it used for.

A baby jumper is a device that infants can use to exercise and play. The original baby jumper is made up of a hoop held together by an elastic strap. More elaborate baby jumpers have a hard plastic base in a frame and a suspended fabric seat with two leg holes, often with toy trays.

Many parents of babies will tell you that a jumper or bouncer is one of their must-have items. These can help keep babies occupied while their parents catch their breath between tummy time, diaper changes, and feedings.

Baby jumpers can be used to soothe a child and make it easier for the child to play. However, there are also some risks associated with using a baby jumper. Parents should consider these risks before they start using one on their children.

When is it appropriate to put my baby in a jumper?

If you want to know the exact age limit for using the baby jumper, I recommend not using it until your baby can hold her head up without any assistance. As a result, the precise infant jumper age should be three months, four months, five months, or less.

Experts advise against using a baby jumper if your child cannot hold up their head without assistance because their neck is not stiff enough.

The advantages and disadvantages of baby jumpers (pros and cons)

If we wanna decide whether a baby jumper is evil or not we need to analyze the pros and cons of it.

Pros: Are Jumpers Good for Babies?

  • Your baby will undoubtedly benefit from jumping and bouncing activities in terms of muscle growth.
  • Baby jumper with a comfortable seat pad and a variety of play options. Some baby jumpers include a few appealing toys. So the baby keeps them occupied by playing with those toys, and the mother can do some housework during this time.
  • Another significant advantage of a baby jumper is that it can help your child sleep.
  • Jumpers are useful for developing motor skills and having fun . They offer different benefits, ranging from resisting motion to bouncing.
  • Babies require a considerable amount of bouncing in order to start jumping and jumping between the ages of 4 and 9 months. Parents can get very tired carrying up their babies, so holding them up to bounce is a regulated activity.
  • Your arms and legs may get a break from trampolines while still allowing your baby to bounce freely.

Cons: Are Jumpers Bad for Babies?

  • Using a baby jumper can cause certain movements in your baby that will have a negative impact on his or her different motion abilities. At the age when your baby will use the jumper, he/she will not have sufficient control over his /her own body movements.
  • Medical professionals believe that baby jumpers can cause muscle imbalance. Because babies are designed to sit on a chair or maintain an upright posture long before their backbone, bones, or muscles are ready to do so.
  • A baby jumper poses numerous safety risks, including the possibility of causing a head injury in the event of a mechanical failure.
  • When using a doorway jumper, the clamp may become weak or disconnected. It has the potential to cause you to separate from your door frame. As a result, your child may fall to the ground.
  • Someone in the house or an animal may accidentally push the baby in the baby jumper into the door frame, causing them to lose control. As a result, they harmed themselves.

Does the physical therapist recommend baby jumpers?

Most of the physical therapists don’t recommend baby jumpers as they have some safety issues.

There is some myth that is used for the marketing of baby jumpers. I’m gonna debunk them according to the pediatric occupational therapist / physical therapist. Then you’ll know why therapists don’t recommend baby jumpers.

1. The first myth is that ‘Baby jumpers provide your baby with essential aerobic exercise.’

Babies do not need aerobic exercise. The only exercise they only need at this age is tummy time.

Through tummy times they develop core strength, head strength, shoulder strength, and arm strength. Then they learn to roll and crawl and then stand and walk. It’s just through tummy times, not using a baby jumper.

2. The second myth is that ‘Baby jumpers help develop and strengthen your baby’s core or tummy muscle.’

when your baby’s in a baby jumper they’re provided with a lot more additional support by the seat. This essentially means that their tummies don’t have to work really hard to maintain that position. So they essentially switch off. It’s not developing any muscle strength in your baby’s tummy when they are sitting in the baby jumper.

3. The third myth is that ‘Baby jumpers help develop basic motor skills.’

Again not true. When your babies sitting in a jumper they’re leaning slightly forward to make the movement occur. We know that when we are leaning to stand or walk, we need to be in an upright position. So leaning forward isn’t a skill that we need our babies to learn. What we need to learn is to how to contract both their stomach muscles and their back muscles to maintain an upright position which is required for standing and then walking.

4. The fourth myth is, ‘Baby jumpers help develop your baby’s leg muscles and strengthen them.

This is the most concerning one. A jolly jumper or a baby jumper is actually more harmful to your baby. Because your baby learns how to jump by pointing his or her toes. It means that their calf muscles become extremely strong. And they begin to point their toes when attempting to stand or walk, making it extremely difficult. If your baby is in a baby jumper a lot and their calf muscles are extremely tight, we will see your child in later months to lengthen those calf muscles. This could be accomplished by casting their legs and gradually stretching that muscle back out, or through medical intervention. As a result, baby jumpers do not aid in the development of strong leg muscles.

After all of this deliberation, we are free to say that baby jumpers are not safe for your child. It needs Adult supervision at the time of playing.

Final Verdict:

The baby jumper controversy is overblown. There are some cases where baby jumpers can be dangerous and evil, but most parents use them properly and have no problems at all.


Although experts advise against using a baby jumper, it has long been a favorite toy of both children and parents. Using the jumper for twenty minutes per day is ideal.

In this manner, you are not imposing any muscle imbalance on your baby while also not depriving him of joy.
Enjoy with your new baby jumpers!!!

Have fun!!..

We know that there are a lot of questions and concerns out there about baby jumpers, and we hope we were able to help you find the answers you need.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about baby jumpers, please contact us.

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