Skip Hop vs Oribel, Which Activity Center is the Best for Your Child: A Complete Parent’s Guide

Hey mum,

What do think of getting an activity center for your baby?

It’s a great asset for you to keep your baby secure and engaged allowing you some hands-free moments.

Being a mom, I know how much a hands-free moment means to you. That’s why I am suggesting an activity center.

Skip Hop Baby Activity Center

Skip Hop



I guess you heard about Skip Hop and ORIBEL PortaPlay Baby Activity Center. Both the two are pretty good.

But what about choosing one? Can you make a choice now?


Okay, then no problem. I’m gonna help you with this matter.

In this article, I will go through both the two activity centers, and help you decide which one is better.

So, let’s get started…

Skip Hop vs. Oribel Activity Center: A detailed comparison

Feature comparison

Features Skip Hop Baby Activity Center Oribel Portaplay Baby Activity Center
Product Dimensions
18.5" D x 31"W x 31"H
18.11 x 11.81 x 26.77 inches
Item Weight
15 pounds
13 pounds
Developmental Activities
25+ developmental activities
5 exclusive toys, a piano bar with monstrous sounds
Recommended age
4 months+
5 months - 5 years
360 degrees rotating removable seat
360 degrees rotating removable seat
Stages of use
3 stages: play; cruise and interact; activity center table
3 stages: play; cruise and interact; activity center table
Detachable legs for porting and storing
Detachable legs with a press of a button for porting and storing
3 stages of adjustment
4 stages of adjustment

Skip Hop Vs Oribel Portaplay activity center: similarities

  • Both the two have got three stages of use– stage1: Sit, swivel, bounce and play; stage 2: cruise and interact; stage 3: Toddler table.
  • Both the two have got a 360-degree rotating seat that is bouncy and can be removed.
  • Both have detachable legs for easily storing and porting.
  • Height can be adjusted in both activity centers.


Though these two activity center is much more similar, there are some significant differences that can’t be ignored.

The Skip Hop activity center is more entertaining than the Portaplay. It has got 25+ developmental activities including detachable clip-on toys, a snack bee-bowl, a piano bar with 4 keys that play different music, and the exclusive transparent plastic window.

A window!

Yea. A window. It’s a pit on the table covered with a transparent plastic piece. Your baby can see his feet while bouncing. Also, the piano bar can be removed and placed on the window or on the footplate. He can play the piano with his hands or feet.

On the contrary, the Portaplay Activity center doesn’t have such features as a window or footplate.

It just has some toys, a snack bowl, and a piano bar with a small number of music. But the good thing is that the toys are exclusive! Like, the ‘Pushey Pulley’ toys, allow children to play with the textile monsters by pushing and pulling. These toys are made of clothes and are also for mouthing.

I love the idea of these toys.The Oribel Portaplay has got another plus point and that is 4 levels of height adjustment while the Skip Hop has only three.

Skip Hop Vs Oribel Portaplay- Good and the Bad

Skip Hop Activity center

Why to choose it

It’s constructed from high-quality, durable material.

Toys with suction cups that are simple to use.

In this configuration, the floorboard doubles as a blackboard tabletop.

It can be quickly assembled, taken apart, and cleaned in the dishwasher.

Why not to choose it

Between the owl and the tree, little fingers can become caught.

The star toy can pinch a child’s finger.

Oribel Portaplay activity center

Why to choose it

Leg length may be quickly and simply altered.

Elastic threads are sewn into the fabric of the seat, giving it a springy feel.

The smooth toys snap together with no effort.

The fabric is thin and the color is agnostic.

Why not to choose it

It is not constructed with a particularly sturdy foundation.

Even very young children have the potential to wreck their playthings.

Who is the Winner Between Skip Hop and Oribel?

In my opinion, both two are blasts in their own ways. But if you consider entertainment, I think Skip Hop is better than Portaplay.

So, it’s totally up to you which one to go for.

Summing up

Hope this one has helped you make a choice on which one you will buy.

Choose the one that you like and that meets your expectations.

Thanks for reading this article. Explore my website for more information.

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