Vtech vs Fisher Price Walker – Which is the Best?

Fisher-Price and Vtech are two awesome companies that provide baby walkers and other great baby products! Both of these brands have been around for many years and have a wealth of experience in producing high-quality, safe, and entertaining toys.

But both of them are renowned especially for their baby push walker.

VTech Baby Walker

Vtech Walker


fisher price vs Vtech walker

Fisher-Price Walker

When looking at push walkers for your child, it can be hard to choose between a Vtech push walker or a Fisher-Price walker.

If you are thinking of buying a push walker for your youngster, then consider the two- Vtech sit-to-stand learning push walker and Fisher-Price push walker. Both are of good quality.

Here I’m gonna make a comparison between these two to help you choose one.

Vtech vs Fisher Price Walker

Feature comparison

Features Vtech Walker Fisher-Price Walker
Item Dimensions LxWxH
16.5 x 14.2 x 18.1 inches
16.2 x 19.31 x 18.19 inches
Item Weight
5 Pounds
1 pound
Age Range
9 months to 3 years old
6-36 months
2 AA batteries included
2 AA batteries required
Play panel
5 piano keys,2 spinners, 3 form sorters, 3 light-up buttons, Pretend telephone handset
light-up piano keys and puppy nose, roller, spinner, flip page
2 stages- walk and play
2 stages- walk and play
70 songs, sound effects, and amusing phrases
75+ songs, noises, phrases teach alphabet, shapes, colors, numbers, and Spanish
Play Panel Type
Not removable
Rubberized back wheels for better grip
No such feature
2 Adjustable levels
Not adjustable
Pricy than fisher price
Comparatively Cheap


Both Push toys can be enjoyed in two distinct ways. They can be used as a baby walker and an activity panel, perfect for keeping your little one engaged while you get things done around the house. Both the two are entertaining and educative.

Both of them are made of plastic and require 2AA batteries for songs and sounds.

Key differences

When it comes to comparison between Vtech and Fisher-Price push toys, there are so many things to compare.

Product weight and dimension, are two important things. If your push toy is light and small in size, then it’s easy for you to store or port.

But I think it’s not that ideal for babies as they might not be able to support the baby’s weight or might not be as sturdy as it should be as a push walker. Light weight can be a cause of your baby’s fall and injury.

As you can see Vtech walker is 5 pounds and the Fisher-Price walker is 1 pound in weight.

So, what do you think?

Isn’t the fisher-price walker too much light-weight to support your baby?

The play panel of the Vtech activity push toy is full of entertaining activities.

OMG! It’s also removable.

Your baby can play with it on the bed, on the floor, or anywhere he wants. It is filled with 5 piano keys, 2 spinners, 3 form sorters, and 3 light-up buttons. A pretend telephone is also present here. It provides 70 sing-along songs, sounds, and amazing phrases.

Fisher-price push walker is also filled with light-up toys like piano keys and nose, roller, spinner, and flipping page. The whole play panel is shaped like a cute puppy. It’s a great way to make your baby interested in it.

75+ songs, noises, and phrases that teach alphabet, shapes, colors, numbers, and Spanish are there to keep your baby entertained all the time. But the play panel is not removable.

Safety is a great issue for baby products. The Vtech walker has got two rubberized back wheels for better grip. But the Fisher-Price Walker doesn’t have any.

Vtech also has two different speed levels that Fisher-Price doesn’t have.

So in these circumstances, Vtech wins.

When it comes to Price, Fisher-price is confidently cheap than Vtech.

Flaws and Perks

Reasons to pick Vtech Push toy

As a result of manufacturing improvements, this item now has a longer lifespan.

Easy to store away and clean up. It took me no more than a few minutes to clean this one. In most cases, a moist cloth is all that’s needed to get it clean again.

Your time here will be well spent. This game is going to be a huge hit with your kid.

When the infant is seated, he or she has full access to all of the features and functions.

This walker has lower costs than the standard options.

You have to admit, it’s really incredible. We installed rubberized wheels at the back. They have locks for extra security.

It’s portable and easy to store. You and your newborn can now enjoy outings previously thought impossible, like hikes and picnics in the park.

Reasons not to pick the Vtech Push toy

At odd intervals, the music will begin to play automatically. When a baby walks on it, sensors turn it on. It’s quite frustrating!

A child could tumble if the wheels were unlocked and could move forward at the touch of a finger.

Reasons to pick the Fisher-Price Push toy

There’s a strutting tune and some big motor hand action in there. I think the form of the play panel is pretty fantastic. Overall, the activities are amazing!

When stimulated, the nose glows. The price is quite not expensive in comparison to the Vtech.

Reasons not to pick the Fisher-Price Push toy

As can be seen, this walker barely weighs anything. My son learned this the hard way when he used the seat for the first time and fell flat on his back.

Wheels cannot be locked, and speed cannot be regulated. It goes too quickly for kids who have just started standing on their own, making it unsafe for them to use.

Vtech VS Fisher-Price Walker- Who wins?

Both Vtech and Fisher-Price walkers are great in their own way. They both are packed full of features that are sure to keep your child occupied and entertained. The main differences between them are safety and price.

If you are thinking of an entertaining but safe push toy, then think about Vtech. You just need to lose some extra penny.

Shortage of money?

Then you probably want a more affordable push toy. Just go for the Fisher-price one. Here you just need to be extra cautious while your kid is walking with it.

Whatever, if you want a winner, then Vtech is definitely the one.

Final Thought

Vtech and Fisher Price both push walkers have their benefits and drawbacks and I’ve explained them here.

I hope now you’ll be able to decide which push toy is convenient for you.

You’ve made a fantastic decision by going for a Push toy rather than a Traditional walker

as the traditional walkers are marked as hazzardous.

To take the time to read this article is incredibly generous of you!

Keep reading kidlyz and keep supporting me.

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