The thing above a baby’s crib: what is it called?

When I tried to buy something to hang over my baby’s crib I was totally puzzled. I didn’t know the name, so couldn’t buy it online and went to the market to buy it. I tried to make them understand what I wanted to buy. I started to describe what it looks like.

You’re in the store and can’t tell the name of the thing you need. So, you have to describe it to the employees like a total idiot! Just imagine how it feels!

The rotating thing that is hung above a baby crib is commonly known as “Mobile”.

There are many baby items that you need to purchase for your new baby. One of the most important ones is the crib for the baby. When you see the crib is all set up and ready to go, the only thing left to do is to hang something above the crib. A Mobile.

In this blog, we will look into the nuts and bolts of this “baby thing” (Mobile).

So let’s get started.

what is the thing above a baby's crib called

What is Mobile and why it is called Mobile?

The word Mobile means something that is able to move or be moved easily. If you look at the product, you’ll see that this thing, Mobile rotates over the baby’s head. It is actually named Mobile because of its rotating feature.

In the USA this rotating thing is commonly known as “Mobile”. But when you are in the UK you’ll find it as a “Cot Mobile”.

A particular kind of toy that is ideal for babies is a crib mobile. It is a decorative object that can freely rotate in the air since it is hanging. It is something similar to a wind chime or a dreamcatcher.

Sometimes it can be automated with songs and sounds which is powered by batteries and sometimes it can be non-powered, which needs air to rotate.

The materials of this Mobile can be plastic, fabric, and also wood or bamboo depending on the manufacturer. Interesting plush toys are there hanging with it making the thing entertaining.

What does a Mobile actually do?

Cot mobiles are not just beautiful decorations for a nursery! They can help your baby develop their visual and motor skills, and can even soothe them to sleep.

Mobile is cleverly engineered to encourage newborns to focus on colors and forms, enhancing their cerebral and visual development.

Motor skill development

Mobile helps in the baby’s motor skill development!

As the toys move, baby tries to move his head to keep looking at them. And also, as the toys are hung over the baby’s head, they try to catch the toys with their hands, which makes their hands strong and movable.

Audio-Visual development

There are so many colorful toys hanging with the Mobile. The colorful toys help in the baby’s visual development!

The Musical Mobile that plays soothing music and lullabies is so stimulating for the baby’s sense of hearing! It’s a great way to help them fall asleep and stay asleep!

Brain development

A good musical mobile nurtures a newborn’s brain development and growth.

When the baby gets used to the mobile, he will know that the mobile will start rotating when the music starts playing.

Your baby will start looking at the toys as soon as the music starts playing.

This is an acquired reflex. This means your baby’s brain is developing.

Which Mobile is the best? – Musical or Non-musical

Of course Musical.

When it comes to choosing a mobile between Musical and non-musical, of course, a musical one is the best for your baby.

Musical Mobile plays lullabies and soothing music to soothe your baby and make them fall asleep fast. It helps in the baby’s audio-visual development as well as motor skills and brain development.

It’s not that a non-musical mobile is bad. It can also entertain your baby and help in his visual and motor skill. You don’t need to pay extra money to buy batteries for playing the music as the musical one needs.

But yet, the musical one is the best for playing soothing music.

Is Cot Mobile safe?

No baby product is totally safe for babies. Every product comes with some safety issues that can be solved easily. A crib Mobile is no different.

A crib Mobile is an amazing one among all the baby products. But it can also be hazardous in some cases. Proper steps can make your crib safe to use.

  • Height is not enough: Keep in mind to ensure that the Mobile is far enough from your baby’s hand yet not that far to see well. If the mobile is so close that the baby can touch or pull the toys, it can be hazardous. On the other hand, if the Mobile is too far from your baby that he can’t see it well, then there’s no use hanging it. It’s ideal to hang the mobile within 8 to 15-inch ranges as a newborn can see in this range.
  • The product is not installed properly: If you don’t install the mobile properly as instructed in the manual, it can come out and fall on your baby. This can hurt your baby severely. He can also get hurt when he tries to flip or head up if it’s not installed in a proper place.
  • Nuts come out: If you don’t tighten the nuts of the mobile enough, it’s possible to come the nuts out and let the whole mobile collapse on your baby. So, be careful when you install the Mobile.
  • Baby reaches the toy: If your baby has grown enough to reach the toys or started to sit up and can pull the toys by hand, then it is clearly unsafe to use. It can break down and fall upon your baby.

Stop using the Mobile when your baby is around 5 months or when he learns to sit up.

Final Verdict

A Mobile or a Cot Mobile whatever you call is an amazing addition to your baby’s entertainment! It is not only entertaining but also helpful as long as you use it properly.

As soon as your baby starts sitting up, just stop using it. This is the safest way to use a cot mobile.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the article and got your answer about a Mobile. Now you know the thing that is hung above a baby’s crib If you have further questions about Mobile you can leave a comment below.

I appreciate you wholeheartedly for spending your precious time on this article.

Happy parenting!

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